Quick Question guys

just a very quick question but you can’t counter break out of an ender even if it’s in an open-ender right? i have a video if you guys need to see what i mean

No, you can’t counter break an ender ever, even if it’s opener-ender. If the ender animation has started, you are committed to it.

can u please explain then how he did this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd8iXEdE_pk

Maybe he did an opener and manual’d the shadow eclipse? If timed right,you can counter break it even though it is technically an ender. Think of Fulgore doing a non ender DP to end his combo. With shadow moves though,it becomes an ender even though you can counter break it.

That’s actually a bug that came with the latest patch. I think only Wulf and Aria can do it. It’ll be patched out next patch.

so he counter broke an ender which is suppose to be something you can’t do?

so it is a glitch and something that shouldn’t be done?

Well you can if you use the shadow as a somewhat of a manual. Normally for an ender to be unable to be counterbroken,it has to be a cancel. If you link it though,it isn’t an ender. However shadow moves always cash out juggles if you did a special and another move between the two. The result is a really funky shadow manual that cashes outl since it is a manual,you can counter break it. It is also a shadow ender so it can cash out.

I seem to recall a recent bug which allowed enders to be counter-broken.

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Well, it is possible to counter an ender with fulgore. Its pretty straightforward really. Just throw a shadow fireball and do a shadow DP and do the counter before the hits happen. If they hit, it will be a normal opener-ender. Try it on training mode. Its funny to see it happen from full-screen.