Quick question Combo asist Love it or Hate it?

I know why they made it obviously to make the game more accessible to ppl, but how do you feel about it? I see positives and negatives…Definitely a big drop on us without an announcement(maybe the fulgore disasembly guide was a metaphor) . Haven’t been able to play to much to get a grasp about what its all about. Anyway merry Xmas dudes take care and have a good one :smile:

I am not using it, but maybe I should. Depending on the character I might switch it on.
Once all bugs are fixed, I think it is a nifty tool. Nothing against it, but I really understand the resentment as well. A balanced view doesn’t work in this case where you need to make such a fundamental decision. Bottomline, I don’t mind it and don’t hate it (yet).

Please keep the discussion of Combo Assist in the existing thread.


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