Quick Question about the Steam Version

Now that KI is coming to Steam, will it have crossplay as well? Because if not I feel like it’ll risk fragmenting the playerbase due to steam having a different server as opposed to Windows 10.

If this topic was made already, my apologies

I don’t think “fragmenting” is the way to look at it honestly. Many folks just aren’t getting Xbones and this is a way for them to finally play it. Its just adding another smaller but separate community. I for one will never play it on PC cuz its just not where I do my gaming things. My point being I think a lot will stay on the Microsoft platforms.

But god it would be nice if they merged. Halo Wars DE came out on Steam and it isn’t crossplay. Halo Wars 2 is coming out as well and I don’t think its going to be either. This is a major bummer if so.

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…yeah, you probably should’ve looked around. This isn’t a “quick question”, it’s a question that has been asked a dozen times in other threads already.

I expect it probably will be crossplay. Phil Spencer made a point that crossplay with Steam, Nintendo and (though they haven’t bit yet) even Sony, is now the default policy going forward, and it’s up to developers and publishers to decide whether to figure out the logistics and whatnot to enable it.