Quick question about Eyedol

You know, this is kind of a silly question, but do you think Eyedol had stereoscopic vision, or would he have two distinct consciousnesses each with no depth perception??

It’s just something that’s been bugging me for years.

There’s like 5 Eyedol threads. Why can’t this question be in one of them.

Your guess is as good as ours lol

I think he can probably see just fine though. He is one of the two warlords, I doubt he would be able to fight evenly with Gargos for centuries if he had no depth perception lol

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Sight is formed by the brain through the light that comes into the eyes. We can so have three possibilities:

  • Eyedol shares the images formed into the bottom of his eyes with both brains in some new kind of organic structure. If that’s the case, both heads have the same stereoscopic vision although they have different thoughts.
  • Eyedol doesn’t share the images formed in the bottom of his eyes with both brains. If so, he has two different plain views, with no depth, so each head sees different things and can ratiocinate according to what they see.
  • Eyedol doesn’t share the images formed in the bottom of his eyes with both brains, but they share neurons in both brains, if so, he could create a pseudo stereoscopic image which would demand high brain activity.

I’d say 37 would be the cutoff…lol

But seriously though I didn’t see a thread about Eyedol that fit this topic, so now here it is.

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