Quick final KI Review

Well here it is Ill keep it short.

1-Fun, fast paced combo packed mayhem.
2-lots of game modes, skins, ultimates, ultras,
stage ultimates etc.

1-Getting more stable, but joining lobbies can be frustrating.
(The xbox app is now almost completely unstable. )

My impression is that
1-MS just does not have much invested in it.
2-Either the devs are “playing by ear”, or it just lost direction.

Bottom line—
I bought many fighting games off steam summer sale, and
though I love MK Tekken etc, for some bizarre reason, I have not
played any of them, its just KI all the way-


Bit harsh to say Microsoft hasn’t much invested in it. Especially after it’s been supported for four years. I’m hoping it hasn’t reach the end but if it is then I’m grateful for KI. Been playing since launch day. Everything must come to an end I suppose.

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I doubt there going to pull it off the shelf anytime soon.
And if they do I hope, really hope the leave it to where
you can play off line.

I think MS really needs to take the time out to
fix the networking issues and bugs.

This IS THE ONLY game that I own that is un stable.
Most games work or dont.

What do you mean unstable? If this is the only game that you have that is unstable, then this must be the only game you own. Elder Scrolls Online is horrible. Some days you can sign in and have no issues at all. Other days you will get dropped every 10-20 min. MKX had problems with my DLC on just my profile. My so could sign in on the same X1 and they would be there, but for me they weren’t. Tekken 7 is so bad right now that I can’t do a single combo over 3 hits, amd Kings throw combos just can’t be done online. The Division will just drop you for no reason. It doesn’t matter if you are in the single player zone or PVP.

KI might have issues, bit it is nothing compared to lot of games.

I will give you the MS didn’t support this game much at all. They don’t go a week without talking about any form of Halo, Gears, or Forza. They even spoke about a Halo Wars 2 tournament, and left out that it was at the KIWC.

I saw plenty of the top brass speaking on the KIWC on Twitter as well as it being advertised on my Xbox dashboard.

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That sucks. I did not see either one of those on my dashboard. Thanks for showing me.

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