Quick account switch in multiplayer

I wish that you can switch accounts quickly in multiplayer. For example,I play a match on my account. My friend has a second controller logged in. I think that if we want to,he should be able to play the next match without exiting the game.

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Well, you already can. Simply start the game with both profiles already signed into Xbox Live. Whoever presses the menu button on their controller is the primary account to be played. If you go into local versus, you can fight each other under your own account. If you want to trade places, however, for single-player/online multiplayer, than it’s simply a matter of going back to the main menu screen and having the player with the other account press the menu button on their controller to take control for the next fight. :wink:

That takes a while an I rather not leave the game into the title screen and go back to switch. Thanks though.

A while? It’s like 10 seconds! :watch: