Questions for Rushdown Mains..Mainers?

This includes grapplers also, pretty much anyone who doesn’t have long range attacks and projectiles; So, if you’re fighting a zoner who likes to repeatedly hit you with long range stuff from long range, and you’re at the opppsite end of the stage, how do you feel and what is your trick or tactic that gets you close enough?

As a Glacius main I assume this would be annoying for players who like to play characters who need to be close to get any hits in.

I play Maya so I can roll under projectiles and not care that you throw them at all lol. But if I’m not playing her then I just jump or walk until the person zoning puts themself in the corner. I may take some chip but getting you close to or into the corner is a pretty sweet trade.

I play riptor and I’ve always favored the corner and clobber. Move in quick and don’t let the other guy breath. All I have to do is recover from breakers quickly, and it’s victory by anhilation

Walk and block until in range for a button.


Block. Walk. Punish with a shadow kryll rush when I see them doing something they can’t get away with.

Standing HP is my favorite normal of RAAM’s.

Walk them in and throw out something to space them into it.
Some characters have an easier time then other as well as different payoffs.

As Tusk:

Light spirit step followed with EX spirit step with shoulder bash at last moment.

Air skull splitter was effective but in 3.8 it goes under many projectiles without destroying them so u gotta be careful. Damn, it was destroying Shado’s EX fireball so beautifully and now it’s useless ;__________;

My mains are Riptor and Sabrewulf with.
For Riptor, I get up in there face ancd corner them or apply pressure.

I do this with hard knock downs and stay close to them even when they are on the ground. I would also get ready to block them if they have a wake up. If not I can also do these

A: Put a flame Carpet down if they don’t jump. and when they are blocking I either do a grab or another tail flip or use Riptor’s tails tap in predator stance

B: If they Jump, I jump in the air flame, Mortar, or Clever girl. But it is also best to keep them in a corner as well.