Questions about these particular late-night hosts

Now correct me if I am wrong about these particular late-night hosts in regards to their basic stance on video games:
Conan O’Brien: He either doesn’t like or doesn’t play video games very much (hence his moniker The Clueless Gamer on his late-night talk show) and overall is NOT a gamer but respects gaming and overall the gaming community?

Jimmy Fallon: He enjoys playing video games and overall is an avid, genuine, and bona-fide gamer and is part of as well as supports the gaming community overall?

Jimmy Kimmel: He mocks, ridicules, and criticizes as well as pokes fun at gaming and overall the gaming community?

To my knowledge I’ve been hearing Jmmy Kemmel was told to do that via script by the company but no way to be sure.

However considering how most people are more interested in eatching a youtube playthrough with possible fun commentary and shinanigans from one of your fave games VS. Another ■■■■■■ reality show. Yeah I can see why the tv big-wigs would get their feathers ruffled.

Granted if they actually put interesting ■■■■ on, I’d be fine with it.

Personally just better to ignore Jimmy Kimmel and not retaliate, sadly some people did that, now onc eagains folks things most gamers are these angry, mean-spiritied, no life people.

Personally all they did was not give me a reason to watch Kimmel, so there, lol. But then again, everyone gets made fun of anyway. Won’t change my mind but that fact does remain.

What did Jimmy Kimmel do?

He made fun of gamers really calling us all 12 year old boys in our mom’s basement though really I think it was the tv people insulting youtubers cause they’re taking away views from TV, thing is though, not everyone wants to watch another ■■■■■■ reality show. Hell I don’t watch animal planet anymore cause it ain’t got nothing on even related to the subject.

I don’t think Jimmy himself was doing it deliberately he was likely sticking to script by the TV Big wigs

I get the script thing, but at some point all these hosts ok the things the writers hand them. I don’t know why Jimmy would make that kind of joke considering his time slot. It is sort of funny that he is bashing the biggest part of his viewership. I mean who else stays up that late to watch his crap show in the first place.

All 3 of them would do what ever is in their power to get the best ratings possible.

All I know is, I sure as heck would spend my time slot playing video games now then watch his show : p