Questions About PC Recording/capturing compatibility

How do We Game Capture/Take Screenshots if this game doesn’t even support Windows 10 Game DVR, Nvidia Shadowplay, Fraps, Steam Overly etc?

I’ve tried using Gears of War Ultimate Edition and it works fine but this game just flashes a alert message saying the game doesn’t support Game DVR!!! Seriously???

Bad enough the Refresh Rate is all messed up on the PC version but we cant even use the bloody Windows built in Game Capture that were forced to use… :angry:


If you go into the Xbox Live app, it has a command prompt you can use to record ANY of your games. It’s something like CTRL+ALT+G or something like that (I may be a bit off).

Yeah…I’ve already tried the command keys like Win + Alt + G to open Game Bar but i get the error message saying the game doesn’t support Windows 10 Game DVR :sweat:

So…other rewards is this a massive bug/glitch that even the developers aren’t aware of or is there really no way to capture footage like recording of gameplay/screenshots?

Shadow Play is working for me.

and…how do you make shadowplay work with windows store games exactly? because from my knowledge this is a Windows Store limitation…

You can capture your monitor instead of the specific game, and make KI windowed.

thats overkill on performance doing it that way…ill just wait for a fix for Windows own built in Game DVR as this feature is apart of the Microsoft Xbox suite app that’s supposed to be the go to for using such features…Gears of War works fine with Game DVR and the fact this games even telling me it doesn’t work signals it must be on the developer’s end…

streaming is disabled… xbox live confirmed the game is still to new and the recording is just disabled for shadowplay and obs so dont point people to wrong directions this is purely from server side. Even the game warns it doesnt allow recording. You can run and stream with shadowplay but it will not stream anything.

Been there done that.

It’s a limitation of Shadowplay, not Windows Store apps.

Dxtory has added support for UWP apps. So unless they (Nvidia/Fraps) add support now, you will have to wait until they choose to update their software.

For now, your options are to use Dxtory, or capture your monitor using Shadowplay. Xbox Live support should come in time, though I can’t speak for Nvidia/Fraps.

Yes but the Windows 10 Game DVR is the recommended way to record/screenshot gameplay for games through UWP…as i said Gears of War works fine but this game just flashes a message telling me recording is not allowed :confused: So why have Iron Galaxy disabled Windows Game DVR from working when it clearly works on all other games???

I want an official member of staff to answer this cause this sucks there’s no legit way to take screenshots and record gameplay on the PC version…

What are you talking about? I use OBS and it records and streams just fine.

I don’t want to stream my desktop i want to record gameplay and take screenshots…also capturing the entire screen seriously impacts performance as its not using the gpu for capturing…i give up…clearly everyone here just accepts the easier solution and captures there full desktop via streaming rather than using the official software microsoft themselves have made available to work for these games seeing as there so gimped and cant use third party software like Steam overly, fraps, shadowplay Windows 10 Game DVR etc…

Fraps doesn’t work with this game. I can’t get it to anyway.

They can use third-party software. Dxtory is the one third-party software that chose to implement UWP.

Just googled it and i wouldn’t trust that shady software…also its just another screen capturing software that runs off of the integrated cpu and not the gpu so not recommended…we need Windows 10 Game DVR, Nvidia Shadowplay, Steam Overlay, Fraps support! Proper game recording software…