Question on uninstalling and reinstalling the game

Hey everyone, I’m currently in a position where I feel I need to uninstall the game on Win10. Not because I don’t enjoy it: in fact, I enjoy it too much. Seriously, is there anything better than landing a DP, hearing that clap of thunder, and seeing your opponent go flying?

No, I love the game, but I’m also an adult. I have a growing list of things to do and I feel that the game is just too easy for me to start up and lose a few hours playing. Because this game is through the Windows store, will it remember my purchase and allow me to reinstall the game later without too much hassle? And that is the key: hassle.

The game is purchased. Therefore, I should be able to reinstall it. Question is whether or not that is easy or do I have hoops to jump though.

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People have probably answered your questions already but yes, if you have it purchased, just redownloading it is all you’d have to go through.

pretty much what @SightlessKombat just said, if it’s anythoing like the X-box store it should still work : )

Proof this game rocks!
I have the same problem. I have not played
any other fighter in months…

You can re download when you want.
Just dont delete the account you purchased with.

Awesome. Thanks guys. I don’t know when I’ll pull the trigger, but it needs to happen. As @JouksNetlander said, the game is just too engrossing.

One of these days I’ve been thinking about writing a little “love letter” to the devs. A lot of crap gets thrown around and most of my frustration with the game is generally not understanding certain interactions. For example, watching the latest @Infilament analysis, I just learned a bunch of stuff on how to deal with TJ Combo and Raam trickery that I didn’t before. And that is quality of life stuff I intend to use next time.

When it comes down to it, I just really love the game.

Very true, I use to play the 1st one where the game was actually balanced
Ive only been playing this one for a a little over a month, and though
Im level 50, When I play online against a fighter who uses certain
characters, im not used to I get very unfairly beat.

Example: just got off the internet now, playing against Shaga, so Im trying
to have a fair fight, and jaga is playing Houdini, teleporting all over
the place, and juggling like a circus freak…

Now because in actuality im better then this dude, naturally I adapted
with 4 fights, no he is getting scared because he knows whats coming,

and does like 4 ultras in a row… and tea bagging.

No this might work against the noobs, but not me, so I rage quit
because I was disgusted.

Good job DEVS for creating a noob killer, im not mad because
soon enough this will all get old to me, and Ill start telegraphing,
and destroying everybody anyway.

This is great revenue killer, GOD Like AI, and not getting of
jaga’s jockstrap. Time is on my side, not really salty.

I did it. I pulled the trigger. I’m sad now. Considering how often I played the game, I feel as though I have let a part of me go. I’ll be back, but life, you know?

To all the developers, if you read this, thanks for all the fun – and sometimes frustrating – times. The game has a great feel. Everything feels very solid and I like the direction you’ve gone. I only started playing with the PC release, but have been following the game since I discovered it on Maximillian’s channel by accident during season 1. I’m excited for the new character and I will still be following the game. I know people gripe about the littlest things. Props on getting Celldweller and Atlas Plug for the music after Mick left, they did an awesome job and the new stages (although few) look great.

PS. From one Chicagoland native to another, if for whatever reason I meet you guys out in the city, a round of Malört for everyone is on me.