Okay so, my brother and I are considering an Xbox
series S sense we cant find the Xbox One X.

We want the X sense it has a disk drive for our physical games. We did consider an S but we aren’t sure if we’d have to re purchase the games we bought physically.

So to make it short.

Would we have to re-purchase our physically bought games digitally if we get the Xbox Series S?

If so ten I can go back to walmart and buy the xbox one S today.

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All of the digital games you bought via your Xbox Live account on your Xbox One/360 (that are backwards compatible) will be waiting for you to download them to your brand-new Xbox Series S, BUT yes- you would have to digitally buy any games you own as physical discs if you want to play them on the Series S.

Reference: I own one.

Enjoy it, buddy!


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I guess I’ll have to wait for the Series X then.