Question? i heard rumors about a brand new KI in the works,any truth to this?

i wonder if they could compare graphics to MKX but the KI fighters kinda have to stay bigger,im looking forward to the marvel capcom, injustice 2 looks fun but…ki is all time fav

No truth in this. Also, imo KI still looks better than MKX to me. Sure MKX is polished throughout but it’s so boring to look at. Lighting, particles, shadow effects all look stunning in KI.

Fingers crossed for a season 4. Btw, a new KI game doesn’t mean it’ll look as good as you want either. Netherealm games have an insane budget that a KI sequel would not even get half of.


No confirmations.

No announcements to date.

Maybe a teaser at the next E3 of colors or something

iF THE RUMOR IS TRUE, DERE. I HOPE MS WILL KEEP IG AWAY FROM THIS NEW KI, dere. Bring the band back together MS so a good KI game can be made, dere.


Take it to a PM if you’re going off topic. Both of you.

Ha, not for years

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You mean Ken Lobb, Kevin Bayliss, Chris Sutherland, etc?

They helped make KI3. In fact, Ken has been over-seeing the whole game, considering he’s Adam Isgreen’s boss.


I think you mean Adam Isgreen.

Yeah, stupid phone autocorrect…I had it turned off for a long time, and I kept having to go back and fix little errors, now that I have it back on it just replaces all names, abbreviations, anytjing that’s not a real word…

Except for “anytjing” apparently…:expressionless: :unamused:

The sell outs? oh those guys. Yeah, they helped with KI 2013

“Sell-outs” or no these are the the guys that worked for Rare and Nintendo and that made the original games, so if IG/MS were to hand the franchise over to the original KI team the IP would stay pretty much where it is.


I think the general line of thinking right now is, since KI came out with the xb1, a new KI will most likely come out with xb2. (if at all)

Anything deviating from that premise while equally unsubstantiated shouldnt be taken seriously because of the circumstances surrounding the game’s launch and IP holder.


Now onto the topic. Where exactly did you hear the rumors? Because certain rumors can be wrong.

aint you that dude who made those funny youtube videos?

anyway, wait until confirmed announcement for a new KI. E3 could have something new for us to see but im not holding my breath.


Yeah, I am dere. I just hope For a new KI with NEW DEVELOPERS, dere.

new ki with new devs aint gonna happen man, after this its over. KI will return to the grave for a good while. if a new KI is made, IG/MS will do it

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