Question from Devs: Which Guardian is your Favorite and Why?!

Exemplar is pretty much useless against the CPU. The potential online though is crazy. Fractured Ward is pretty Op with Arbiter.

I got my first Fractured Ward. Epic Purple. 5 pips of armor every 5 seconds.
I tell you, it makes some characters frightening. I love it.

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I would like to have a guardian practice mode. I have no idea how to trigger the exemplar card during the heat of battle. The snake is good because it is a passive ability, so I don’t have to do anything to make it work. I love the bat but sometimes forget to close with an ender. Maybe its something that can be included in dojo.

I haven’t gotten all of them yet, but I cant see any of them beating Fractured Ward

Yeah, I’d really like fractured ward.

Hisako with armor… Kreygasm

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Got a Killer Fractured Ward in the pack for 3000 gems. Since then my life has gotten a lot easier. Definitely my favorite so far although I don’t have a snake or an exemplar yet.

Finally got the Killer Bat to complete my collection :grin:


Aganos w/ chunks + Fractured Ward = A living wall!

Vampire Bat is my favorite and I was lucky enough to get 3 versions of it so I’m covered, I add unblockable attacks or damage + health recovery consumable and it’s done deal :smile:

Oh, feeding guardians is a problem lots of times, not enough astral gems and it’s hard to earn them quickly.

Astral gems? You mean astral energy. Just gotta save up.

So far Vampire Bat, but I’m still on my first play through!

Yeah, the Guardians aren’t meant to be used every fight, just the ones you feel may need an extra boost. If you use them sparingly like that, they don’t burn through astral energy faster that you’re aquiring it.


I love the Vampire Bat because it goes well with Mira and her abilities. She already hits like a Mack Truck, so using the Snake is wrong on so many different levels. But the thing I really like about the Snake is its snap/hiss animation. I’m going to start paying closer attention to the other Guardians. That one just stood out to me.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with the Exemplar yet because I couldn’t (yet) quite figure out how to parry properly. I remember the parry from Killer Instinct Gold where it had the cool little poof animation when you pulled it off. Again I haven’t really played with Arbiter, so I’m not sure if that happens, but that would be kinda cool to see if it doesn’t.

Man… I’ve got 3 Perfect Killer Exemplars just sitting around, being used to win deployment missions for me. :confused:
I suppose I should probably start using them, but the timing/input of the parry disagree with me. Maybe if it were a button like the built in character parries I’d have an easier time, but I know that wouldn’t work out so well.
I love Bats, Snakes, and F Wards though. Rams are kinda useless since I’m pretty good about breaking, but I might throw it on to get the achievement.

Yeah, my bad, it’s astral energy, and yes, you must save up in the first days to be able to feed them later when it gets harder.

When I really want to make sure I win I use the snake (except on gargos and omen, reasoning below). I don’t like vampire as much as other folks do - I wish I could choose what was going to regen. I’m less worried about shadow and instinct than I am health. Health management feels like it’s key when you want to complete quests (rather than just beat gargos). I haven’t used fractured ward yet, but it looks great. My least favorite is exemplar. I’m not a skilled enough player to use it well or parry consistently.

Not a popular opinion, but I like the ram. I am a mediocre (or let’s admit it, bad) player compared to most on this forum. I find normal mode challenging sometimes. I have trouble breaking combos for some characters, especially gargos/omen, which are key in this game mode. I use ram the most.

Ram is by far my favorite and most used! I dont really care for the others at all.

Is fine for you to like the Ram Guardian, after all, the most important thing is how you can get fun during the time you play the game.

Fractured ward, especially the perfect killer version of it. When you have it it doesn’t matter what you do you’ll always be safe. Also if you use it on fulgore with any items that allow for infinite shadow moves then you’ve got yourself an infinite hype beam without any interruptions.