Question for the Boston KI Scene

Hey there all, some of you might know me as “Aviator105” as my old Gamertag. I’ve been with this game since launch and have been holding private tournaments since then with my friends. We have streamed some of them before under the name “Ultra Instincts” but never put too much into it since it was basically an amateur bracket.

After years of playing together we think it might be time to invite locals to our tournaments. Usually our tournaments are free with no pay out but if we get enough outsiders who are interested we can probably have prizes, set up a decent stream and run multiple set ups. We recently moved to a new venue where my friend holds both weekly and monthly Smash 4 tournaments which have been pretty successful. It’s a nice hall right in the center of Boston with parking so this would be the perfect place to invite some locals.

I guess the major point of this post is, how big is the Boston KI scene, and how many of you would be willing to come out to a monthly tournament held right in the heart of downtown Boston?

Hi Aviator105, I go to school in Boston and would be interested in local tournaments. Where exactly are they held at? I look forward to meeting you!

Hey man, sorry no reply. I lost hope that this was going to get any activity. It’s at a place called “The Church on the Hill”. It’s a really nice venue of decent size that’s right next to Park Street station and has it’s own parking garage.

Hey man, are you still hosting stuff in Boston? I’d love to play some games sometime, competitive or otherwise. Feel free to shoot me a message on xbox too!

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Lol Sam never realized you replied to this last year.

You all still do this?

Yes we still hold Smash 4 Tournaments every Thursday where I might bring my KI setup. If you want, I’ll message you whenever there’s anything KI related going on or if I can bring my setup?

Hey fellow killers was wondering if there was still a killer instinct scene in Boston? Wanted to meet local players and try the competitive scene

Hey there, at GU in Natick I believe they play KI. Recently I’ve been playing KI with close friends at least once a week. We get together at a friends place and have small brackets. If you’re interested let me know, we’d definitely like to move to a big place if it grows enough.

I live in Medford Ma, close to Boston, I have never seen this post before. Anyway, if there is a tourney in downtown boston , I am in. Preferably in the weekend due to work. Hope there are more of us in boston

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Unfortunately I’m at college in nc, would love to join next summer though