Question for rushdown players about fighting Gargos

Or any player who uses characters who have to get in close, how hard or easy is it for you to beat a Gargos player with both minions summoned?

I’ve been seeing a lot of players skipping out on fighting me when they see that my last character used is a level 50 Gargos. And would it be unfair if he could regenerate health every time he laughed?

EDIT: also, shouldn’t we just be able to destroy his minions from doing taunts? It seems fair to me. Shadow taunt! Unless Gargos shadow counter taunts back then we are screwed.

If Gargos can heal by taunting,that would break the game. Well if you are a rushdown character,Gargos shouldn’t have the opportunity to summon as a minion as his defense is almost non existant.


Every time i see a gargos user i think… here comes another boring 3 vs 1 match with a ■■■■ load of portal punches and wing slaps. There is no fun in fight against gargos.



It’s a challenge if he has both minions out, a game of patience. Once in though pretty much done deal for him.

Spamming LP/LK is good enough to kill minions xD.
Or a Shadow Move to pass thought them.

Regenerate Health is by itself, OP. Check Jago^^.

On a serious note, I like sometimes fighting Gargos.
Because I cannot stop laughing even if i lose, due to his taunt/win pose.
He should be introduced to the Hall of Fame of most stylish Bosses in FG.

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Healing in general is usually considered Op. If he can do so from a taunt,the salt levels would be higher than the amount of posts that you made that just wouldn’t work in KI.

It’s the Gargos players that wait for you to attack a minion before attacking you that really get to me.

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All I know is that RAAM has a hard time getting in, especially when 2 minions are out.


the good old walk forward get pushed full screen by wings. and then walk forward focust attack wings and then get jumped over

His wings have hit boxes like glacius aerials. So you can punish that. Just don’t try to jump because he’ll win lol

Since the patch Raam doesn’t have nearly as hard a time with gargos tbh. The fight is much more even now

It sucks. As a Jago, this match just sucks. Jago has great tools don’t get me wrong but Gargos dominates the match.

Here’s how it plays out…

Gargos flies backwards and portal punches endlessly until he can summon both minions, get in while minions are constantly poking you, do some damage and repeat.

I don’t ever mind learning from matches so losing isn’t the problem. The problem is that I never learn anything besides seeing what is constantly done, be done again. It’s pretty excruciating, which is why I shy away from fighting Gargos.

I also shy away from fighting Eyedol, until his actual patch comes.

I recommend using the heck out of double roundhouse. it will catch a backdash, beat armor, or force him to shadow counter and use his meter on something other than minions.

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I’m not saying it’s impossible (I play a ton of RAAM and the matchup is easier) I’m just saying that a grappler has a hard time getting in on a zoner with both minions.

Once I get up close I can usually dominate. But the problem stems from Gargos instantly moving away and PPing me until they can set themselves up.

I know how to fight Gargos, just not a match that you will win that easily. Essentially, the odds are in favor of Gargos.