Question about Taunting

I know there are a lot of threads on the topic of taunting, but I have recently come across a question while playing some exhibition.

Taunting is usually an action that’s universally frowned upon the FGC and for reason so. Rubbing a victory in someone’s face can certainly get people agitated. But why would someone get angry over a taunt in the beginning of match? What deems this disrespectful?

The sitrep is this, I like to taunt in the beginning of a match. Simple and doesn’t hurt anyone. I usually do this when I’m playing around with a character I don’t play often. I don’t taunt anywhere throughout the match. Maybe I might taunt when I rise after they take a life bar. Now the question is this, why when they get a win or a bar, they decide to Tbag and triple ultra like I’ve done something disrespectful. Are people’s egos so easily hurt that it takes one meaningless taunt for them to start sending messages like “u suk” or “you are using Cinder how are you losing XD”.(usually I just whip out my eagle and destroy them but thats not the case) I believe this to be more an introductory emote then anything. Am I in the wrong or is it actually seen as disrespectful. I only try to have fun when doing these taunts but maybe I could be giving the wrong impression. What do you guys think?

This is not a question regarding if Tbags and taunting are considered disrespectful but rather if taunts that do not go to humiliate the opponent are also deemed bad. Just to make it clear.

Thanks for taking your time to read this!

I don’t see anything wrong with it myself. I actually find it much less irritating then tea bagging. One time I actually picked Kilgore knowing full well he would lose just so I could use how taunt (a salute) as great of respect for the other guy. This is because I happen to be a vet.

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I don’t think a taunt at any time in a match is disrespectful.

A taunt to me is a feature of the game, its intended purpose is to rustle the jimmies of the guy on the receiving end. If you let yourself get upset by it, then the taunt was super effective and you loose your concentration. Its no different than using a counter breaker, they tricked you, you fell for it and you got played.

As for their retaliation, that is normal. You poked the bear first and they’re poking you back. They’re not meaning “disrespect” they’re just ribbing you because you did first. Someone gives me a taunt or a teabag I don’t get mad, I get even and I fight harder and give them a taste of mine. I don’t do it out of malice, I do it because that’s the fun of the game. Taunts are a light-hearted way to stirring up the pot, spicing things up and getting the competitive juices flowing.

Anyone who takes a taunt or a teabag seriously enough to be offended by it needs to take a chill-pill because its all in good fun.


I can’t seem to agree with you more, that’s why I love taunts like Kilgore and comeback taunts like Riptor and Aganos. Just to break some on the monotony of the matches.

P.S. Thank you for your service

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I understand some of the retaliation, its pretty normal even though I wouldn’t do that if in thier shoes. Just a lot more people are actually taking this seriously, (especially low ranks). I was wondering if maybe I was doing something wrong.

Maybe we should all take the metaphorical chill pill and finally play the game like it was meant to be. For fun

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Prematch taunts are kind of worse than post match taunts. If someone taunts and teabags post match then it’s easy just write that off as someone being cocky and enjoying their victory. But if the match hasn’t even started yet it sends the message that “you’re not worth taking seriously.” which is much worse than “yeah I beat you!”

Yes …it rubs people the wrong way right out the gate. WHy? Because the online community is so toxic (all games, not just KI) and so just bitter and rude, that 1 little simple taunt flips the switch for them to get on the defensive and fight back. Because 90% of online matches are full of this type of scenarios

Its bad out there…and I have made a thread on the topic of “How bad is it, really?” Well after listing all my matches for 3 week and others… the percentage is very high that you will cross someone that feels the need to excessively taunt, tea bag and rage mail.

NOt much you can do about it though.


The way I’ve seen it:

Taunting during tourneys is like friends giving each other a hard time, or rivals trying to hype the crowd with some salt.

Online, where you probably don’t know the random guy you get matched against, there’s no friendship or rivalry to participate in, it’s just more or less someone being a jerk under the cover of anonymity.

I don’t like it, and usually don’t do it unless they do it first. Everyone has a different perspective on it though.

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Im totally ok with taunting…not excessive taunt cancels…but just a regular taunt after a life bar, ect…

Not a fan of all the rest though.

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“Universally frowned upon”


Well I personally really enjoy Killer Instinct’s taunting feature overall for me here :wink: :slight_smile:

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Here we go :smile:

This is my favorite type of thread :laughing: The ups and downs. The speed at which a person will reply.

Time to enjoy the show “please don’t let me down” :laughing:

Eh. It was more of clarification I wanted to get more then a question. Although there are some who actually don’t mind (props to those for being chill) a larger majority take it differently. I’ll just have to change what I do

It’s really just the tea bagging I hate.

There’s really only one way teabagging can be interpreted. Same here

I taunt back.

I do it if they keep doing something stupid. Some people get the hint eventually(example usually if they casually try and walk up and throw me while I’m using Raam…they’ll get the hint that I’m saying quit trying that. ) otherwise I don’t really do it. Unless I’m very bored. And if someone taunts or teabags me I either don’t acknowledge it or proceed to do something trollish.

Taunting isn’t bad plus it’s in the game so I don’t understand why people get mad.