Question about Street Fighter 5

Hey everyone, quick question about this game. I hear that every character can be earned from just grinding the game. How much of a grind are we talking here? Also, the 2nd season dlc, are any of those fighters going to be ‘free’ so to speak?

STV is 20$ on steam right now so that’s why i’d ask. I don’t play Street Fighter and I didn’t wanna bother spending the 2 seconds creating an account on their forums (lol). Thought I’d ask here. Thanks!

Well, each character costs 100k FM. This includes the upcoming wave 2 of DLC.

From doing survival, character story, trials, etc for one character, you earn around 70k FM. This requires you to do survival mode on Hard and Hell difficulties. Normal survival is tough if you’re using a character you are unfamiliar with, so good luck with higher difficulties. Survival modes on every difficulty for every main roster character will yield around 1 million FM (10 DLC characters).

Other ways to earn are through story mode. You get 30k FM for normal difficulty, and then 50k FM for the hard difficulty.

These modes above are one time payments, so you can’t repeat them to earn more FM.

The other, consistent, methods for earning FM are daily/weekly challenges which will make around 8k FM a week. From just doing these, it will take about 12 weeks to buy one character.

On top of that, a win will earn you 50 FM. So 2000 wins will get you enough for one character.


There are mods that allow you to simplify survival mode. One round survival (one fight and it’s over instead of doing several fights), one hit kill, infinite health, etc. You can try to earn the 10 characters worth of FM by modding survival, but if you get caught, Capcom will take back the money you earned and you’ll never be able to earn it again by playing survival legitimately. It’s a huge risk, so I advise against it.

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I ain’t no cheat, but thanks for the info lol

Sounds about right from what you’d expect from earning characters freely. Thanks for the detailed clarification that helped a lot!

I might just hold off on getting it. Hard enough to keep up with this game with me trying to get better enough for tournaments, couldn’t imagine trying to balance KI and SF. KI > SF anyways.

I’m dabbling in it since it’s footsie based, figured maybe it’d help my neutral game for KI and force me to learn patience since it’s all lame pokes in low tiers. Im trying to unlock urien. That’s gonna take a while rofl.

My brother recently got it on PS4 and by doing all the easy stuff (trials, character stories, easy survival, general story on both difficulties) he managed to save up 450k FM. You could probably save up 600k FM without worrying about higher level survival modes. That’s 6 characters. Assuming there’s only a character or two each season that you want, doing challenges every week and playing matches should save you enough money. Also, buying a character and doing easy/normal survival, trials, and character story will probably get yoy 30k FM. So it’s as if you buy a character for 70k FM. If you manage to pull off all possible character specific modes with a DLC, you’ll earn 70K FM, so it’s like you bought them for just 30k FM.

The easiest way to get a character quick is to do each individual character story. They are 2-3 fights (one round) with pictures and text between matches. You get 10k FM per story, so you can get 160k FM within 20 or so minutes, so you can buy Urien.

Also are you on PC or PS4?
PS4 really lucked out with this DLC model. FM is linked to a profile, so you can make a throwaway Playstation account and buy a character with the story mode FM and test them out. If you like them, you can log back on your main account and spend your FM instead of taking a risk and buying a character you might not like.