Question about bundles

Hi Everyone, i have a free version of the game for PC and i got a few questions about bundles and such:

  • If i buy a character, and then later decide to buy any of the bundles, will i pay the difference or the full price regardless of what i already have?

  • Speaking of bundles, i find no way of buying the definitive edition. I can see it in the KI store, which then addresses me to the windows store page. Here i do not see any option to actually buy the game, but only one to redeem it with some kind of gift code. Is it even available on pc?

Thanks in advance for the help.

You pay full price regardless of what individual characters you buy ahead of time.

As for the DE on PC…i cant answer that. @rukizzel can help you though.

I definitely suggest getting the Definitive edition.

Anyone have the DE on PC that can help this guy out.
@WrathOfFulgore @BigBadAndy @R1stormrider @Dayv0

I believe they took it off the Windows store because some people were having issues with it in some way or another. I think it wasn’t unlocking content in the game. I have it, but then again I had the full game via cross-play long before I got the DE on PC, so everything was already unlocked due to buying all 3 seasons of Ultra packs on XB1. :confused:

Do you have an Xbox one?


i bought ultra editions for 1 2 3, they carried over to my PC

Well, that is a pity. So in order to get all characters you have to buy the season 1 and 2 bundle plus the normal season 3 bundle for a total of about 50 dollars. I think it might be too much. Thanks everyone for the quick answer.

No no… you can get the DE edition for 20$ at Game stop on xbox one and it carries over to PC. BUt if you only have PC you need to buy the DE on PC. THere are ways you just need to find them before giving up.

50$ is not too much… you pay 50$ for all your other games…why not KI. Its not like you have played KI for the last 3 years?

That is the point, i have only a PC but not the Xbox One, and it really seems that the DE for PC is not in the store anymore, in fact when i try to get it from the store( from the internet, not by clicking on it in the game) a message appears that reads " this app will not work on your device". I like the game and 50$ maybe is not overpriced , but if you compare it to other more recent fighting games you might think it’s not that fair either. Is there a chance they might put the DE for PC in the store again?

Have you made sure that Win10 is fully up to date, as well as making sure your Region and Time Zone are correct in the Win10 store?

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Thanks for reminding me why I play on a console. It sucks that they removed it from the windows store. Maybe they will put it on Steam some time before the end of the year.

Do you have a friend with an xbox? You could log onto your profile, load up the DE disc, then transfer over to your PC W10 play anywhere?

If I’m not mistaken, play anywhere only applies to digital games. I know for the DE app that comes along with the game it didn’t transfer to PC with the disk version.

Yeah but if you own the DE you unlock the PC version of the game. is that not the case?

*shrug *

As far as I know if it’s the digital version of KI (meaning all the unlock key files aren’t coming straight off the disk) it should unlock the PC version. But I can’t speak beyond what I’ve done myself.

I had all 3 Ultra seasons, then got the PC version via cross-play, then the DE disk, and then I just went ahead and bought the DE on PC for convenience sake.

For the first, yes win10 is up to date since it is impossible to block the updates as they are always installed automatically. I can manage to do the second if it will really help.

@rukizzel Have you got an idea about when the DE for pc will be fixed and availaible again?

i have been keep tweeting to KI and writing on the forums there is no clear answer for that! i think steam version will be released soon they are be like " dont buy rightnow buy the steam version when its release"

That’s creepy. Why would you want to push away sales? Some of the people will not come back. They will just move on to a different game.