Quantum Redshift Should Return for Xboxone & Win10

Of course everyone knows the Original Xbox with its amazing titles like Halo & DOA but what about the underdog games, like the Futuristic Racing Game which is non other than the F-Zero & Wipeout Rival For the Original Xbox that is Quantum Redshift. I had the game when i was a Kid and i loved it to death, however the game’s sequel was cancelled due the development studio going bankrupt after spending all their money on making the game and Microsoft failed to Advertise it properly. But there is hope, Since Microsoft owns the rights to Quantum Redshift, Blinx The Time Sweeper and other Classic Xbox IP’s and i really want Quantum Redshift to come back as either a Remake with improvements or a Sequel for Xboxone & Win 10. Anyway heres is the Intro, Gameplay and Music of the game.

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I’d love to see Quantum Redshift return. As much as I love Forza Horizon and as much as I’d love to see some more genre variety in exclusive titles, it’d also be nice to get some variety within genres as well, and Quantum Redshift would be great for that.

I’d also like to see an all MS cart racer made by sumo digital, but if we’re talking about bringing back some IPs, which I think they absolutely should, then Quantum Redshift would be a great title. Personally, I’d prefer to see a fully realized next gen sequel over a remake, but that’s just me.

MS has a treasure trove of great IPs that seem to be withering on the vine. New IPs are great, but MS needs some more franchises that fans can hang their hat on, and along with MechAssault, Crimson Skies, Lost Odyssey and several others, I think Quantum Redshift would be a great add for any Xbox owner’s library.

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I agree despite the fact that Microsoft dropped the trademark for Blinx The TimeSweeper which is a huge disappointment but i really don’t want Quantum Redshift to go the same route i just want Microsoft to give the game a second chance as either a Remake, Sequel or a Reboot.

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