Psychic character - related to The Coven

Just wait until you see Spinal’s daughter.

Someone make this happen… please.

What did you think was gonna happen? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Killer Instinct only has pretty girls. Even Hisako is pretty, when she’s not being freaky. I’d argue that even Riptor looks kinda cute… in a very platonic way! ^^;


I’d love the idea of Gargos leaving behind a daughter with psychic powers to carry out his will. But she’ll resist Gargos’ evil as she learns what it means to live as a human being.

She can be Jago’s love interest or one of Jago’s future apprentices.

You all know Rose’s story how her Soul Power is connected to Bison’s Psycho Power?

And with Raven & Trigon?

The psychic character can go for that if she caught a connection to Gargos’ corruption during his invasion.

Who would Gargos ■■■■?
This seems like like a big plot thread to leave hanging

But then where the f* does Gargos come from
He simply just isn’t an explosion of being especially if you bring in procreation.
Gets a little soap opera -y and redundant IMO

daughter? Then who’s his mother? Lol

Okay guys.

Instead of being Gargos’ daughter, how about something like a family related to the Coven?