PSA: Lobbymode exclustivity:

I admit this is a bit irritating so I’m going to keep it short: sometimes when I join a lobby and my turn comes up, I get kicked.

When I went to join a new lobby I ended up going back there, I found the other person who joined in after me was also gone, thus it was just the first two people where all that was left from when I first went in.

Here’s the point: If you folks only want your friends and yourself alone to fight in a 1 on 1:



Don’t leave your lobby open if you don’t want people other than you and the people you want to play with.

It saves you from having to kick people and looking like an ■■■■■■■ (unless you likely don’t care) and it saves people who were not aware of your private little party from some irritation. Simple as that.



Makes sense. I honestly never thought about people trying to join lobbies uninvited. I guess if it’s available then it needs to be taken into consideration.

Truth to that bro. It doesn’t make sense.
Why would you make an open lobby if you only want a 1on1 with friends.

Because of they’re either troll or simply don’t know how to set a private lobby. Yes, I know there’s a proper function in front of people’s eyes to do that, but not everyone in the world has an average brain.

Agreed. Thing is, the people you are describing typically don’t join forums like this.

Or read, for that matter.


From my experience, it’s usually because I’m either under-leveled or over-leveled. Which I’m guessing in their minds mean I would be just that one guy taking the fun away because I would be too easy/hard.

p.s guys, If you’re not willing to fight another person who is not on the a same level as you, that’s what options are for. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a fifty killer, usually the sight of me will get me kicked. Unfortunately, sometimes the search will keep placing me in the same lobbies. Really annoying. Fuckers.

Ig could put an in your face disclosure, like the Microsoft paper clip .

“Hey! I noticed you started an open lobby! are you sure you want some of the nastiest mix ups you’ve ever seen up in this lobby? If not, press the menu button to adjust the settings, and maybe not let killers in. you racist bronze level noob”


“Hey! I noticed you keep kicking people who aren’t on your friends list. Did you know you could make a private lobby just for them? That way, the real people that are waiting to play don’t have to Feel like they have to report your dumbass crew”


“Hey! I noticed you kick everyone but your buddy. Do you know what an exhibition match is? In fact ■■■■ this, in gonna open one up for you two and place you guys there, you entitled, inconsiderate, millenial.”

You know. The yooj.

Some folks go searching for lobbies and just so happen to pop up there. They don’t exactly have control over where they end up. If your lobby is set to public, then some folks may end up joining in.

Either that or they have read and simply chose to reply. Regardless sit’s very stupid.

If only man…if only…