PSA Fuzzy Guarding: It's quite easy

I’m making this thread after going online and hitting alot of people with stuff I had no right to hit them with.

I have slower than average reaction times. My reflexes are awful. So if I can do this, you can too :slight_smile:

We all know fuzzy gaurding right? Low move hits on frame X, overhead hits on frame X+ 10 or more. It is now fuzzyable

In the traditional sense of fuzzy guarding, you block against the move that is most difficult to block, and adjust in response to the easier move to block. But this does not entail you need to wait for the first “cue” animation frame on the other move to appear.

For example, with Sabrewulf’s overhead, he isn’t off the ground on frame 1. So if you are fuzzy guarding holding low and waiting to see him airborne to block high, there is a good chance your reactions will fail and you’re gonna get hit. Instead, change to overhead as soon as you realize he’s doing ANY move out of run. The low or the overhead. You will block both, because your change will not come fast enough to get you tagged by the low.

Change your block in response to movement. Any movement at all. Do not wait for the “cue” of the overhead

Because of your natural reaction time, you will ALWAYS change your block, but you will never do it too soon as to get hit by the quicker move. So notice in the example: Sabrewulf’s low and overhead. I hold block low because his low is fast enough to be unreactable. I DO NOT wait to distinguish whether his animation is for the overhead or not. I assume it is always the overhead, knowing that either way my reaction times are not fast enough to alter my block in a way that would get me hit by the low. This is why in the video,. you see my switching to block the overhead EVERY TIME, even when he goes low. But I still block the vast majority of the mixups (I missed some, I had some really, really, good scotch that night so my reflexes weren’t A+. Sill enough that you get the point)

Even easier (and even better to practice fuzzying), is Tusk’s “mixup”

Once again, the low comes out too fast for me to react to. So I block low and as soon as I hear any sound initiated after his dash (Immortal Spirit) I block high. If it’s not high, I still don’t get hit because the low comes out too soon for my reactions to the predicted overhead to work.


What if a player uses a 2nd low attack after the 1st with their character, such as with SW’s c.LP 2x? Wouldn’t your switch to s.BL cause you to get hit by the 2nd low attack?