PSA - Aganos stomp attack is a LOW attack!

Yea…in case anyone didn’t know…


Lol at first I was thinking maybe the guy was away from his controller until I saw the counter hit notifications.

it’ actually a high/low (block high the 1st hit, then block low the 2nd hit) but I get what you’re saying.

This works a lot against Hisakos for a separate reason: the 2nd hit is a projectile. Most Hisakos will try to counter it low, but they can’t. For that same reason, using the 2nd hit as a meaty is inadvisable if your opponent has meter and a projectile invulnerable move.

Also to be more clear, the 1st hit can be blocked either high or low; it’s not an overhead, as “high/low” might suggest.


Against Hisako with a chunk or two it might be a valid option as a meaty, since on ryo zan is only projectile invulnerable and really slow between hits you could just hit her out of it or block one hit then shadow counter the next (she can’t parry out of a shadow move).

Very much appreciate these little reminders.


Q: Are you just now figuring this out? Or did you already know?

If it’s the former and you didn’t already know it, then as (you are) a community manager, I’d find that genuinely surprising to hear.

Also, that poor CyberGarf - he had no idea what hit him! I guess that’s 1 less person who wants to play KI… :’(

If you have at least two chunks and meter, you can get a Shadow Counter, but not if she has Instinct to cancel out of it, of course. I’ve never tried hitting her out of it.

It’s a “happy accident” for Aganos, or a really clever way to guarantee a Shadow Counter for end-game situations. Against Sabrewulf, you can do the same thing by baiting out a Shadow Counter at 2 chunks (or 3?) with a Pulverize, then Shadow Countering. Nevertheless, there are better ways to spend two chunks in the middle of the match.

You can’t play Shadow Counter games like that with characters that have rapid Shadow Counters like Glacius or Jago, though.

I hope that person wasn’t in Killer Rankings.

Yes, of course I knew. What made you believe I didn’t?

Also, I’m not the Community Manager, that’s @rukizzel and @GoogleMyName - I’m just the Moderator that helps them keep this place under control along with other secret…things.

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It was the excited inflection and use of a(n) “!” in your thread title that made me wonder and ask my question. Also it seemed like an odd thing to post about, especially from a community moderator. Speaking of which, I know your position and the differences between it and the community manager - I just wrote the wrong thing in the moment because I misremembered. :disappointed: