PS4 External Hard drive space AVAILABLE!

FYI everyone with a PS4. You can now connect an external Hard drive via 3.0 USB! also you can by any of the Xbox One Seagate external drives as they do not make a “PS4” Seagate HDD.

Ive bought and tested this out myself so I know it works. Dont let the green colored Xbox one Seagate fool you at Game stop. they work just fine and there is no difference in console recognition.

Since PS4 didn’t allow external devices until 2 weeks ago, Seagate just decided to license the Xbox color and name to sell their product.

So go and get you one for 100$, 129, 149, or 199$.

There are different sizes, TB’s, styles ect…NO MORE DELETING PS4 GAMES TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW GAMES!!

they finally caught up

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Well, sort of. 90% or more of people wanting a n External have no idea that you can use the Xbox Seagate’s. Hell even the employees at Gamestop dont know. They dont even know that you can use Exteranl’s now…they try to sell you an internal HDD.

So I took a chance and it works fine! 4TB!!!

Do the externals work like the Xbox One harddrives where they have to be formatted to work as a game storage device, or can I have all my movies and such on there, too?

You have to have the PS4 Format the Hard Drive ;(

The promt says that all games and such go external and things like themes and movies must stay on the PS4…something like that, dont quote me. But its does have to format 1st, whatever that means.

I wanted to use my current HD for both Xbox and PS but apparently you cant do that because of the formatting deal wipes whatever is on there clean.
So I have to go drop 120$ on another HD…ughhhh… gaming…so expensive!

I had no idea PS4 was that far behind the times.

As for the Seagate, I got one not too long ago, and I gotta say its a good product.

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Yeah man PS4 only allowed you to swap out the internal drive and it was only 1TB. 2 weeks ago the newest PS update finally allowed the external drive. Now you can get up to 8TB. From an article i read of a guy that tested out all different brands said above 8 or 10TB it wouldn’t read the drive.

But at least you can use the "xbox " product and its works. Im surprised they didnt go the “exclusive product route”

Lol, I remember the annoying back-door method to format an external drive to your PS4. Glad they finally realized how stupid it was not to include something that was featured by other means.

Back door? Tell me about it? never heard of it…how does it work?

The way I learned was using fat32, a formatting software that would manually override the priority of an external drive so that it would essentially force the Media Player app on the PS4 to recognize it as a storage device. It was a bit messy, but it was a method of storing your media.

I also heard that you could simply just manually change out the hardware and add a bigger capacity storage device.

WOW that does sound messy…

Yes you can change out the internal from 500gb to a 1TB. they sell them as Game stop. But its kind of a mess as well.
Whats crazy is they still arent advertising that you can use an external. I figured they would be all over it and advertising this new feature. thats why im trying to help spread the word becasue anyone who asks about it, Game stop will try to sell you an internal instead of an external.

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So with the update, is it relatively similar to Xbox as in 5TBs max, name brand drives, etc.?

Edit: I’m surprised they haven’t mentioned this on the lastest console update. I wonder if it is different with the regular and pro version also.