[Proposal] The First KI Community Mixtape Exchange

Hi community. I’d like to propose a fun dynamics on the Off Topic section of KI forums that can be found on other forums as well.
It’s called Mixtape Exchange.

Please read carefully the concept below and give your feedback if you like it and would like it to happen.

What is it?

Killer Instinct is a well known game for it’s magnificent soundtrack. The players who can appreciate this soundtrack can be considered to have a good taste in music.The Mixtape Exchange is a fun way to discover new music while also giving you the chance to share music that you enjoy with other KI community members.

How does it work?

Basically what happens is that you’ll be given the name of the person who you will be making your Mixtape for, and all you have to do is get together some songs that you really like, that go well together, and/or that your partner has most likely never heard before; but you must not let anyone know who you’re making your Mixtape for, and your partner must not know what exactly he or she is listening to - it has to be a surprise! After your partner reviews your Mixtape, you will then get to reveal yourself and the tracklisting. You will of course be receiving a Mixtape to review as well!


  1. Sign up saying you want to participate - leave your name on the thread. I’ll give a like to that comment meaning your participation has been confirmed.

  2. When the deadline for signing up is over, you’ll get a PM from me giving you the name of another participant in the Exchange. You will be making a mix for this person, whoever they may be.

  3. You mustn’t reveal who you are making the mix for, on pain of being hit by Shadow Jago’s Ultimate or Aganos’ Peacemaker (you can’t chose which).

  4. Make your Mixtape (average length is around 50-70 minutes) and delete the info tags for each song (this is as important as Orchid saying she is a step closer to defeat Ultratech, so very important!).
    4.1.(OPTIONAL) You can give a name to your full Mixtape like an album name, make an album cover with that name if you wish.

  5. Upload the mix-tape to something like Mediafire, Mega, Zippyshare, Google Drive, One Drive, and send me the link and the tracklisting (the track name and the artist). I will then send it to the person assigned to you, keeping your identity and the tracklisting a secret of course!

  6. When you receive a mix-tape, listen to it, write a review and post it in this thread.

  7. The person who made the mix-tape will then post the track-list and the link so everybody can download it. Simple as that.

Note: Please make sure before you sign up that you’re actually going be able to follow through on this, or at least let me know before the deadline ends if you’re going to be too busy to participate and you need your name taken off of the list.
Mixtape exchanges only happen a once or twice a year (depending on feedback) so they’re to be taken pretty seriously.

The deadline for signing up will be defined once it is certain the Mixtape exchange is happening.

Here is a good guideline for deleting the song information:

  1. Find the tracks you plan on putting on your Mixtape, and copy-and-paste them to a new folder, away from all the other stuff. You can either right-click and find “copy” and “paste,” or you can use the shortcuts (Ctrl + C for copy and Ctrl + V for paste).

  2. Once you’ve done that, go track by track, right-click, choose “Properties,” and clear everything. Remember to change track numbers if you have a specific order (and almost everyone does, so…yeah). Also, it’s helpful to name your album, even if it’s something as simple as “Mixtape.” If you want, you can fill in the blank spots with fake information to add a personal touch to the mix. Once you’ve done all that, click OK. You’ll have to do this separately with each track.

  3. Move that folder into your iTunes library by clicking and dragging it into iTunes when it’s open, and go through the tracks one by one and double-check everything. Typically, the one thing that usually needs to be altered if anything is the album art. In that case, just select your entire Mixtape (either by going under “Edit” and choosing “Select all” or just typing your Mixtape name and using Ctrl + A), right-click on it, choose “Get Info,” and clear all of it using the options in that menu.

  4. Compress your mixtape into a .zip or .rar, upload, and give the link to the head of the exchange.​

P.S.: Moderators, I’ve looked though the rules of the forums and I haven’t found any rule that could prevent this kind of event so I took the liberty to start it. If it’s not allowed (although I’d like very much if the event happened) please let me know.

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So you get a bunch of music,then send it to you,you send it to the person,review happens,and then you review someone elses?

Yes, but you won’t know the name of the musics or the artists you’re listening to when you receive it. You’ll have to review it by what you listen to. The tracks are only revealed after your review.
(You could always use Shazam or another identification app but the idea is to not do that).

Oh ok. Makes sense. I will start working on one.

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Thank you very much. If we get 7~8 people it can already happen :smiley:

if its not alot of work I may be interested in this since i have thousands of albums and songs.

It’s not. Just gather your favorite 14~20 songs and order them in some way that makes sense. And next enjoy your received mixtape.
I’ll just wait until about 8 people and we can do it :slight_smile:

I have to up load the MP3s to a site or file?

The best way is to make the Mixtape a single file (easier to download), so you can use WinRar or 7zip to turn it into a single compressed file. Next you’ll upload it to whichever site you prefer, but the ones on the first post makes it easier to download too.
But don’t need to worry and hurry, I’ll update the first post with the deadlines as soon as we have a confirmation of the event happening so you’ll have a good time to do that.

ok, Ill do it if its easy to drag the files, ect…