Projectile damage inconsistancy

This is something that I have noticed for a while and I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not. Most projectiles double in damage if they hit the opponent during the start up of a normal.
For example… Lets say that Jago throws a fireball at his opponent. If he inputs a normal attack the instant before the fireball connects, it deals increased damage. This is also present in Omens fireballs, Aganos’ payload chunks, Fulgores plasma bolts, and many more. I’m just wondering @TheKeits If this has always been intentional or if the team simply never knew about it.

it’s a counter attack.


Pretty sure non-projectile counter attacks do the same thing. That’s the reward/punishment for hitting someone while they’re pushing buttons.


It’s a mechanic called counter hit. Basically it happens when you are hit during the startup of any move, an indicator appears on-screen when it happens. moves gain different properties on counter-hit, universally they grant extra damage and hit-stun, but in certain games they may give certain moves launcher properties and so on.


Additionally, Hisako’s standing HP has a “vacuum”-like effect only on counter hits. Which gives her some awesome Instinct-only combos.

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No, what I mean is that after the ATTACKER throws a fireball
,the ATTACKER presses a normal button the instant before the DEFENDER gets hit by said fireball. In this situation, the DEFENDER is not pressing anything and therefore doing nothing to induce a counter hit.

Sound to me like that’s just the combined damage of the projectile and the normal hitting simultaneously.

I reported it as a bug a while back.

Projectiles across the board do half their normal damage after they travel a certain threshold distance (which is further for heavy projectiles). For example, Aganos’ Payload Assault inflicts 50 hit points of damage up close (a lot!) but it does 25 hit points (meh) if it hits further across the screen.

Doing any attack while it hits across the screen somehow unlocks the up-close damage. It’s like the ARIA bug which allowed her to cash out damage if she whiffed a DP while her Bass assist projectiles hit.


THANK YOU! this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for such an in-depth explanation! Also…[quote=“LeoFerreis, post:8, topic:5286”]
the ARIA bug which allowed her to cash out damage if she whiffed a DP while her Bass assist projectiles hit
[/quote] IG said that this bug is going to be fixed in the Season 3 re-balance