Project: Killer Instinct - Live Action TV series

Anyone interested in helping me make a Killer Instinct TV series? DC CW style? And some Mortal Kombat Conquest?

Season 1 - Tournament Saga
Season 2 - Rise of Ultratech Saga
Season 3 - Shadow Lords

Maybe original characters too from here?

Who to cast? And how the story can work out?


What about Briga Heelan as Orchid?

No way!

So what actress you think will fit well in Orchid’s character?

Either AJ Lee, Michelle Waterson or Bianca Bree Van Damme.

it depends on which Killer Instinct the series is based on, the classic games or the 2013 version.

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I AGREE!!!:grinning::grinning:

If anyone to cast for Kim Wu it should be any girl from the K-Pop business.

Plus Brennan Mejia or Booboo Stewart as Jago,.

And Taylor Lautner as Eagle.

WHY NOT!? Are these cast wrong?

I thought the whole point of Kim Wu (in this iteration) was the fact that she is a 1st generation asian american character with a strong connection to her asian roots.

The cast needs to be martial arts trained with some acting experience. Unless you want it to be a youtube fan film instead of a blockbuster hit.