Progression of Corruption


Epic design man

Now that’s pretty cool and awesome :grin:


I wish I had a fightstick & knew how to use it. lol

Thank you fam! I’ve been really wanting to do this one for quite some time and finally dedicated a couple hours to finish it yesterday. Though, now that I think of this, I could try to properly merge each edge than have a black bar lol

Also, just saying, this is severely compressed and Jago in the middle is supposed to look more red than pink lol.

That’s awesome. I think the black bars give it a nice look. Have you thought about your plans for the buttons and the stick?

Also, is Finchomatic on there as a water mark, or is that part of the final design?

Not yet actually. Don’t know what I’ll choose.

And it’s just a watermark. Don’t want anyone using a creation I made unless I made it specially for that purpose :slight_smile:

I would like to tackle Aganos next, rendering that beast is going to be difficult, not to mention what direction I wish to take him. I like meaning behind my creations. But I’m cool with making a what I consider to be a boss piece.

Fair enough. And now I don’t have to suggest you move it because it will get cut to pieces by your button placement!

I bought one… hardly ever use it. It is really odd trying to get used to it when you already settled on controllers. But, I will admit, it is very fun to use.