Probation warning from online matches?

I was doing some ranked matches tonight and i had the same guy disconnect from me twice. Then I got a pop up probation warning that said:

You’ve been winning a lot of matches involving disconnects. If this continues you will be placed on probation.

But if I’m winning that means I am not the one disconnecting, the issue is on the other guys end right?

I’ve never seen that before and it’s tripping me out.

Yeah, it’s not new. Just take some minutes before searching in order to not get matched with that person again.

Its nothing to worry about, nothng happens to you or your account. All that can happen is the next time the guy disconnects from you, you just wont get any points for the win. Technically you didnt fight or beat him so you dont get any points. Not a big deal… dont sweat it.

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