Probably some of the worst stuff I've read regarding Killer Instinct and fighting games in general

Yes, I know. I understand it’s Youtube comments, but It’s very annoying to read and it’s one of the few things in hobbyist/non-serious topics or issues that actually make me feel disgusted reading.

That stuff reads like it’s written by people who like to rush in with no type of strategy whatsoever. Rushdown with absolutely no thought to what they’re doing. The type of people who prefer YOLO nonsense, and then complain when they get punished for it or countered.

Calling Rico Suave a “p*****” or saying “he has no honor” because he’s spacing out his opponent makes one the very definition of a “scrub”.

If KI is a 'crap" or ‘garbage game’ because of that set, then what is this?

Does Rico’s Fulgore play look anything like that?

I know people may not be fans of the term “scrub”, but to crap all over another player’s smart play because they themselves don’t understand high-level play is absolutely grating. And that’s what a “scrub” does.

It’s not the player’s fault you don’t understand competitive play.

And what’s worse is that for fighting games in general, this is becoming more and more common. It’s buffoonery like that that lead to that infamous Rising Thunder video (you know which one).

Honestly, I really wouldn’t want to play any game these type of people enjoy.


People can be stupid jerks. Ignore them, move on, and find the good and fun people and play with them - that way you’re happy. :slight_smile:

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I LOL’d at that Gif.

Some people are just haters. Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. People are going to criticize you no matter WHAT you do. I’m sure I have a few people that don’t like me on the forums. Why? I don’t know. And that’s the thing. Probably because I’m a Jago player who uses Endokukens a lot. Is that spamming, or Zoning in my eyes? It’s a hard thing to debate.

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I don’t like you; you’re an ugly bird that only knows how to hide by putting his head in the sand! Ninja my butt! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is why Fighting Games will never be on the level of Esports like League, Dota, and others. Too much drama. Even though they have been here longer than ANY of those games, this is one of the reasons. Drama.

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O RLY? At least I can run faster than you! and I’m the fastest thing on two legs in the world! Plus, I’m a Ninja too, so I can Run even faster! Probably on water! Take that, Space Man! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That’s right, I’m a space man! I’ve seen and done things out of this world that you can’t even fathom! As for you, you’ve never even left the dirt.

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IG PLZ I’m sorry. :disappointed_relieved:


No, don’t listen to him; it was my fault - I started it. IG, I’ll put it to rest, I promise. :sleeping:

On point though, is this thread about comments on YouTube? You probably shouldn’t be reading too deeply into those, @RogueSquirrel29 - doing that will drive you crazy.

To be fair, DOTA and League are non-stop drama.

I just think fighting games hit their peak prior to big esports, then kinda squandered it, and now people don’t understand how to play them so they don’t get involved en masse. Fighting games might get a shot at the big time once the entry barriers are lowered and the games/community get better at educating newcomers.


Ah, the age old spam debate. My take on this has been, and always will be, “get stronger and counter the projectiles. Stop whining”.

I don’t know what this is… but from the sound of it, I probably shouldn’t.

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That, and the “adapt to it” mindset. You’ll never get a ton of new blood if you leave broken ■■■■ in the game just because that’s how it always was.

League, DotA, Smite, hell (h e l l is blocked?), even shooters, all have a built-in tutorial in EVERY game. And it funnels new players into those tutorials. New players literally have to say “no, I don’t want to do the tutorial”.

Put that in fighters consistently, and I’ll bet we’ll see a relatively large influx of new blood into the community.

You mean like KI’s dojo mode?

Kind of, but harder to avoid. Make it the first thing you go to until you go through it. Make new players cursors default to the dojo mode until it’s done, etc

I wonder if we’ll ever get to the point where, as a society, we decide that we’ve had enough of people craving attention and/or spouting hatred and negativity online that we just decide that we don’t want to value any type of conversation or discourse at the end of articles or beneath videos etc anymore and we just build up walls between those that provide and those that receive and evaluate; that we simply don’t want to know what our proverbial next door neighbor actually thinks.

Or if internet discourse will simply continue to degrade until there’s nothing but people verbally slinging waste while others post unrelated GIFs and some simply say (more or less) “look at me!” without any sense of facetiousness, irony or shame.

I don’t mean any of that in a melodramatic way. I’m legitimately curious how it’ll all play out. I wonder what our anonymous comment culture will give birth to five years, ten years, thirty years down the road, because I don’t think that this type of negativity existed in such abundance twenty years ago, and maybe I’m wrong, but it only appears to be getting worse.

I really hope that doesn’t spill over to boards like this, where people with the same interest can come together and talk normally about something that we all enjoy, but I worry a little when I see comments in twitch streams and I realize that these are fighting game fans acting like this. These people are a part of our community of fighting game enthusiasts or even just the larger community of gamers in general.

Sure, we’re not all going to agree on politics or religion or anything so divisive, but if we can’t agree that bashing our own (whether it be fans or developers) is bad for any number of reasons, I tend to worry what the future might look like.

Yeah, I’d love for fighting games to be front and center in esports. Had the genre hit critical mass now instead of 15-20 years ago, I’m 100% sure it would be. Tournaments featuring one on one, character versus character battles are tailor made for esports.

I just worry that instead of bringing new fans in that older fans could both welcome and help along, that some parts of the fighting game community might be so fractured, so jealous, so elitist, so exclusive or so angry for whatever reason that shining the public light of attention on the FGC could do more harm than good if the rats don’t scurry back down under the floor boards.

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These are traits that are certainly not limited to the FGC. I’ve played in Metal bands my entire life, but because of these very traits of which you speak, I barely hang out with anyone from the genre. I know I’ve seen similar garbage in the NFL and UFC crowds. My wife has seen it in the Techno/Rave crowd, as well as the Punk crowd.

I think that, in general, the “stop liking what I don’t like” and “stop disliking what I like” sentiments are the most dangerous/cancerous, and they’ve become far so commonplace that people don’t even realize what they’re saying.

I agree “spam” is a cop-out excuse for having a lack of knowledge. People complain about “he’s spamming”. Really? So you’re telling me Fulgore should let THUNDER walk right up to him? He should give the GRAPPLER control of spacing? I pray for the day I can choke people over TCP/IP.

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Exactly! Preposterous.

I think you quoted the wrong poster, friend :smile:

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Spectators (who don’t play the game competitively) don’t like zoning. It’s true for any genre. Just watch Twitch chat when Sagat is on the screen in USF4. It’s not exciting to watch for most people.

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