Pro star reset, the bug that will play with your feelings

So this morning I’ve experienced a “bug”. I could have made this post in the “bug reporting” thread but I think it’s better to give it some visibility for other people as, this could help to not be as desperate as I was a few minutes ago.

Let me explain what happenned.

Since Season 3 is out, I’m playing as Tusk and I managed to get to the Silver rank with him. Then I decided to give a shot to Kim Wu, and so I tried to restart my rank as I was totaly new to her gameplay. When you press the warning button, it has a warning message saying “You won’t lose your pro star” (spoiler: and it’s true!)
But when I did it, I was so lost… my Pro Star wasn’t there anymore!

I mean, this star is the symbol of my biggest achievement in any video game, and as I’m not a beast, getting one back would mean for me to play countless hours another month… (probably to be destroyed by Bass again in a top32 tournament at the very first round)

Well, as I was writing a post here with all my tears flooding my cheeks, saying how I probably misread the warning message (or maybe a translation issue?), my big brother suggested to restart the game. I did it. The star was still gone… BUT, it finaly came back right after synchronising to the league ladder.

I think I’m even happier now than I was the 1st day of September when I earned it.

The restart button in leagues doesn’t really delete your pro star(s) even if it disapear. You have to (restart the game?) and re-synchronise to the League ladder to get it back.

congrats on your top 32 star, must feel good

Happened to me yesterday too…don’t really care but I though it was strange! Maybe they will come back after I loggin again like you did!


I’m sorry to hear that.