PRO PLAYERS Come Beat Me Up Please! :D

I know it’s a strange idea, but I would love to get really good at KI quickly, so what better way to do it than to learn from the most intense experience possible?

There has been a lot of talk on these forums about interesting ways to improve your game, but the most common undisputed one is to play against people who are better than you. I have never played more than 5 games in a row with someone, so i know that my mind games and timing execution need a lot of polishing, and i would love to get a HARD exercise in both.

I guess the thread could be used for others who would like the same thing as well. Or just to discuss the idea.

I would like to face anyone who plays at a higher level:
-Tournament players
-Community Managers
-Top 32s (anyone with a pro star)

I know you guys have MUCH better to do than fight me, so all of your time would be greatly appreciated.

(I have great connection.)
(Im NOT looking to annoy anyone, so if a high-status player did fight a set with me, i promise there will be no fan-girling, no friend requests, no forum posts about it, and no discussion about anything other than the game.)
(Im not looking to record or stream anything.)

GT: Mr xFlutterShy

-Mr xFlutterShy

Pro stars don’t mean much, I’ve beaten at least 70% of the people I’ve run into with a star.

Add me if you want to fight a great Glacius or Cinder.


So suddenly we’re not good enough for you here on the forums?

I’ve been trying to practice up to go to a tournament too. Maybe next time they hold Kumite in Tennessee, I may go, if I have the coin to make it.


Hey dude I’m not a tournament player or top 32 but I beat them quite a lot so I consider myself good at the game. I’ll invite you when I next see you online and we can both improve.

I’ve already got you on my friends list so I’ll give you a shout soon, make sure you have your mic on too because I’ll point out your tendancies and potential bad habits and is like you to do the same :slight_smile:

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He has moved on… He doesn’t see us as worthy. :frowning:


OK Calm down,

I just have a busy schedule, and would like to be introduced to the most advanced knowledge and strategies as fast as possible.

I dont play in Forum Battles, so i would like some other major challenge to play.

You know, most of the guys that play in Forum Battles are very good! Knowing some tricks and such about the character! Even If you can’t get pros to play, look at some replays of pro players, or even better, the KIWC, and look at some strategies.

It takes time to take in the most advanced knowledge and strategies and implement them into your game. And the thing is, most pros will just beat you down, and not share anything, leaving your body & heart broken.

Just my friendly two cents. :slight_smile:

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twitch KI channels I’ve found very useful - can usually join a lobby with party chat allowing discussion of what is being done, what counters could be used etc.

Can you post some links to such streams?

We’re just messing around with you, but just because we’re forum members doesn’t mean we can’t compete or that you can’t benefit or learn from us or what we say. As much as I liked playing Street Fighter 4 it never really made me want to go to a tournament, but KI changed that for me. I’ve put in serious time to this game, what I do isn’t random, however it seems on stream. I do care to compete.

I know we play casually, but there’s nothing that says you can’t get tournament ready by playing only the ones you see on streams, you can’t beat Goku unless you are at least strong enough to beat Vegeta. Until my connection gets better there’s only so much I can do, but I guarantee that our experiences are just are worth listening to as any pro, regardless of Top 32 stars or our sponsorship status. We can’t go to every tournament because we may not have to the money or time to pack up and go.

This is the spirit.

We all had to start from scratch, there’s no shortcut to getting good, it’s not about learning from those with prestige only, it’s about playing as many people you know, so no strategy can surprise you, bringing your best to every game, and learning how to modify your tactics in the face of defeat, regardless of whether it’s during or after the match.

You may be surprised at what some of us know.


I’m with Mr. Fluttershy on this - send the pro players my way; I want to step my game up to the next level - after the beating I received from Hi I’m Keith, I think I more than need it…


I’m not pro but I’ve won a few local tournaments (funny how I thought they were small tournaments at the time but then I look back and realize Rico used to go to these.) and you might have seen me on stream at Evo and SCR. If you want some Aria experience add me.

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For real? Need to check you out. Same Gamertag/Username?

I’ll go Kumite for next years! So I hope you can go to KiT!

If I can go, I might. Maybe we can all go!

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Different gamertag each time. I went to Evo as Dat Aria and SCR as Da Capo Aria.

I hope you can go to KiT for next year! I really want to meet you in person!

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