Prereq outfits and skins

I still haven’t seen this answered anywhere on the board. Will mimic skins and outfits be unlocked on the 20th if we hit the requirements for those unlocks. Or will we need to replay the mode and do stuff over.

No clue, but the more we play SL, the more likely the process of unlocking stuff on the 20th will be quicker.

I am wondering how they get unlocked. Is it by beating Gargos with the character as the leader, or is it by getting all that character’s folders?

Mimic Spinal :green_heart:


The devs have already told me that the skins are not tied to the dossiers. Thank god.


I’m totally okay with mimic skins being

  1. Beating gargos and the whole team or the person who beats him gets it
  2. Beating a mimic unlocks the skin.
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I would be ok with using the dossiers to unlock mimics, if the dossiers were not random after each fight. I would be ok with fighting each character X number of times to unlock the mimmic. Beating Gargos is going to be to easy. Most of us will unlock every mimmic in under 2 hours if all we need to do is beat Gargos.

The mimmic skins are where the replay value would increase. I also know that unlockables can turn a fun game into a mindless grind if it is not done correctly.

Can’t wait to see what omen and shadow jago have to unlock. I’m sure omens will change to the new outfits once they the 20th hits.

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IMO mimics would have had much more impact with the flesh transparent like omen or glacius.

I’m just not a fan of the hulk green filter

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Or maybe a green virus on their skin not covering all of it

For all we know they’ll come from card packs.

Well, official Textual Stream in the News section has given us our answer(s)!

Yeah, seems a bit steep though. Beating a specific mimic 50 times? Or beating Gargos with that character 10 times? Then some of the others like Omen are just for beating Gargos 5 times? Seems a little uneven there. In the long run I’m just glad to have them but I’ll NEVER be good with some of the characters so unlocking their skins will be a serious grind.

Thanks for letting me know

But do are current kills count? Plus this sucks I never see mimic shadow jago or normal jago

I sure hope they’re retroactive.

If current kills count, then I will have already unlocked Riptor and a few others :slight_smile:

I hope what we have been doing counts.

I hope the dossiers will be easier to get after the release.