Premium Skin Pass

I forget if this has been suggested before, but here goes:

So, KI has been getting l paid skin packs for a while now. Every character has a gold/silver skin (apart from Omen), and we have the Omen color pack and the Terror pack.
Of course, with all but one of these packs coming in at $5 a piece, getting all of them is rather expensive ($51 + tax, basically the price of buying a whole game). Plus, if someone someone wants to buy ALL of the skins, then buying 11 or so skin packs one at a time would be quite annoying.

Well, KI has always been good about giving us relatively well priced bundles of stuff. I propose that the @developers make bundles of skins. Have a set price (around maybe $30-40 or so) that bundles together all of the Gold packs both present and future at a discount. You could do the same thing with a theoreticsl bundle of Terror skin packs or Bonus Color packs (please make more of these. The terror pack is still my favorite of the skin packs). Makes things easier for collectiholics or anyone who gets the game late. And I know discounted bundles sell like crack on Steam, so with the upcoming release it may be wise


I did the math for the skins when the first pack came out. Right now you can buy all 3 seasons cheaper than all the gold skins. I am waiting to see if they do a group discount if you buy all of them at once. I would consider it if the price was right.

[quote=“SadisticRage76, post:2, topic:22045”]
Right now you can buy all 3 seasons cheaper than all the gold skins
[/quote]. 5 dollars gets you three gold skins… jago shadow skin alone is 5 bucks… Somethin’ aint right…