Pre-Shadow Jago Stream Hype

DUUUUUUDE! Who’s Hype for the Stream today!? I know I am, If I have to create a whole thread to share hype with you guys. Post how hype you are, and maybe some questions we can ask the IG crew!


I’m pretty hype! My class ends right when the stream starts, so I’m lucky! I’ll be heading to the nearest computer lab afterwards lol
I’m not only excited to see Shago, but also the new HUD updates in action!
As for questions, I’m mostly curious about Shago’s accessories/alt colors. Wondering if he’ll get as much as the other characters, or just as much as Omen.

When is it supposed to be?

As of this post, in about 30 min. :slight_smile:

… how hype am I? As in, what level is my hype meter at?




It’s over 9000

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