Pre-order double XP

I just pre-ordered season 3 and I was wondering when the double xp kicks in? Will it start when season 3 is launched? Just wondering because I already received the KI gold but not the double xp.

It is there. You just don’t see the icon because it might and probably will get annoying after a while.

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I was hoping that they’d hide the 2xp icons. Awesome

I preordered but I haven’t been receiving any double xp :frowning:

When I originally posted it wasn’t giving me double xp…It appears to be giving me double xp, i think, it just doesn’t say anything about doubling it when you win the fight. Thanks for the response.

Bought S3 Ultra pack and I’m getting the same XP as before (between 2000-3000) in a ranked match against a killer (which has a 1.5x booster) whereas usually on an 2x XP event, you guessed it, I get around 4000-6000 points. I didn’t expect it to kick in until season 3 actually drops anyways but I’m just giving a heads up that maybe some people aren’t getting it.

I think it’s more likely that people aren’t getting the boost at all and they think they are cos they never paid attention to the amount of points they were getting before. I did get the 18 000 KI Gold tho so it just seems odd.

I have a question. For the double XP,does it also apply to the other profiles on the xbox playing that game or just the one that bought it?

Double XP will kick in when Season 3 launches. As far as the other person playing, I will need to check.