Pre-order Bonus Vs. Regular Purchase

I’m just wondering, what is the catch to pre-ordering? All you’re getting extra is infinite double xp? I don’t mind grinding if that is the case and I can wait for the regular pack if to me that really isn’t an incentive unless I’m missing something here?

I’d really like to know as well, I remeber rukizzel saying something about the KI gold being the bonus but with so much back and forth between people I’d like to get a concrete answer on what is exclusive to pre-order and what isn’t.

im no source whatsoever, im taking a guess… early acess

Makes sense I suppose maybe if we buy the regular pack we have to wait a week extra for every other character after launch similar to Season 2. I don’t see that as a major issue

well you can buy ultra edition anytime and have that capability, pre order or not, combo breaker pack has that small issue.

ki gold is in rare replay though

Actually that is wrong, if you order the combo breaker at let’s say 25-30 $ then you decide I want Ultra whatever they call it, then you’re spending 25-30 + 40$ for the upgrade and you get screwed even more. That is what happened to me with Season 2

heres the layout for me from s2 to my knowledge

-preorder bonus- (ultra edition only) 40$

early access TJ combo

thats it

Ultra- 40$
all 8 characters ( plus omen)
retro + acessories
1 week early access to newcomers

all 8 characters (plus omen)

its about it

Well that looks like a better deal than Season 3’s pre-order Ultra pack. I can live without the KI Gold and permanent double xp, you know what I mean? I just want to make sure before that is the only bonus

yea…waiiit!!! i was thinking the game KI gold lol…blonde moment, you also get the retros and acessories… ill do the ultra edition becuase why not

edit: they end up fixing that upgrade thing a tad late in the season, i did end up spending 60$ because of it but im posirive that you can upgrade at a later time if you choose to do so for another 20 instead 40

The only bonus for preordering is the KI Gold. Rukari clarified in one of the dozens of threads that popped up so I can’t find his post but yeah, it’s just the gold.

i thought you get the double xp as well, or does it not activate untill the 29th?

So then if I buy the Combo Breaker at 20$ I still get the accessories and retros?

No. You only get the characters.

20 is only characters, you get no premium accessories, no retros, no ki gold, no life time 2x XP

Combo Breaker: All the Characters.
Ultra Edition: All the characters, costumes, accessories, and permanent double xp.
Ultra Edition pre-order: All the characters, costumes, accessories, permanent double xp, 18,000 KI Gold.

Not until launch.

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But what if I get the permanent double xp, will all my characters on the character select screen all be glowing with the xp arrows all the time forever?

We are aware of that situation. I do not know what the resolution is, but we have discussed it.

I got the preorder bonus and I currently have the extra xp now and it doesn’t show up on the select screen which is awesome. Also he $40 worth of ki gold is worth it because most likely any future dlc and costumes or stages will probably be gold only purchases.