Practice wake up option

Would love to have a menu to select a wake up option for the training dummy from the selected character move set so I can practice wake-up stuff without having to try to record would just do the selected move on wake up for that character


The most common method for doing this, is to

  • record the “standing player” performing a sweep, then a “meaty” move.
  • YOU control the “swept” opponent. (whether it is your character or not)
  • Then just re-record the standing player performing different moves, if necessary

Doing this requires a little knowledge of BOTH characters. It is the easiest way to test wake-up setups because the “Standing” players moves dont require strict timing, the “swept” player does.


This is definitely an often-suggested addition to training mode. I made the same suggestion in my Practice/Dojo Modes thread, and Infil made this suggestion back in the S2 forums. SFV and MKX have a great system for this.


Definitely a much needed feature.

The “record the standing player” method works for seeing if anti wakeup setups work, but it’s sub optimal for practicing the timing of that setup repeatedly.

Safe jumping Puddle Punch wakeups for example. I know I can do this, but I want to just have an AI Glacius constantly doing this, rather than having to record/replay each time.

It also means that in practice I need to pick the opposing character as the character I’m playing, which makes me go back to character select more often than I should be.

They also need to add a reversal option for an AI opponent that is set to block. Especially because I can’t seem to set myself to block when recording my opponent’s actions.


Yes yes yes. That was another oft-reprised suggestion. SFV’s training suite has this option and after using it I really miss it in KI.

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