Practice/Dojo Improvement: Bread and Butter Combos, Character Playstyle Dossiers, and Tool Tips

So I got up this morning and I had a think. Even with combo assist mode, my girly friend still has a bit of a ways to go till she can start to focus on meta gaming rather than learning to play.
I also got to thinking about how people have been wanting improvements to practice mode, as well as tutorials for every character in the dojo.

And I had an idea: Basic combos presented in the “Command List” section of the pause menu.
While in the grand scheme of things KI isn’t about doing particular combos a lot of the time, having a structure to follow would be a good way to give new players an idea of how to get combos with a character, like the Dojo does with Jago.
There could be some combos listed from beginner to intermediate and maybe advanced level. For example;
Beginner: Medium Windkick, Medium Double, Medium Windkick, Medium Double, Heavy Windkick ender

Intermediate:Heavy laser sword, heavy double, light laser sword, light double, medium double, heavy double, Heavy Tiger Fury ender

Advanced: Jump in Heavy Punch, Heavy Windkick Linker, light manual, medium laser sword, Shadow Laser Sword, Medium Manual, Heavy Laser Sword ender, Tiger Fury DP

Obviously there’d be more than just 3 combos per character. You could have some with the same strength, some with varying strengths, others that utilize the combo traits, max damage lock out combos at varying levels of meter, etc. Just provide new players or people looking to jump on to new characters something to grab on to.

You could improve this feature further by being able to toggle the controls for combo assist on/off where applicable. You could have filters on the list for CAM button friendly combos only, Manual combos only, meterless combos only, corner combos, juggle combos…
All of the features that could eventually wind up in a cast wide dojo could be implemented into the menu itself.

While I was writing these ideas down, I had another epiphany: Once someone gets passed learning how to combo, break, space themselves, block, counter, etc., they’re going to need to start learning about the characters, right? For new players it might not be immediately obvious that certain characters are designed to be played certain ways (i.e. Glacius is a Zoner, Wulf is rushdown, Thunder is a grappler, etc) and might make mistakes by putting their character in a situation where they don’t perform well by mistake.
The solution? Another improvement to the “Command List” section: Playstyle Dossiers.
It doesn’t have to be a lot. Just something to get them on the right track with each character. General tips on how to get in (or out), how to utilize combo traits, situations to look out for, and maybe some of the general pros and cons of both the character and the archetype they fill. Maybe include something about matchups with certain characters.

As an added bonus, I think it’d be swell to get tool tips in loading screens and occasionally in the main menu. Things like “did you know that you can punch away Kan-Ra’s bugs? Well, unless he uses meter…” or “Try to put your opponent’s back against the wall… Or, if you’re Aganos, put them through it!”

What do you guys think?


No, I don’t think something like this would really be necessary and it would be very tedious. Also, determing which combos are beginner, intermediate, or advanced (nice terms, BTW) I think is something that is virtually impossible IMO, simply because the 1st thing I noticed about your combos is how easy they are to break (especially the latter 2, which start with heavies). Personally, I think advanced combos would also include a manuat at some point - you didn’t do that.

I think a better idea would be to have a tutorial of sorts that explains (and shows) the typical (and maybe even atypical) combo-strings so the player can learn each aspect of the combo system: opener, auto/manual, linker, and ender. It would show them (with on-screen color-coded indicators) each part of the combo system as a mock combo plays out - it would then have them try it themselves. It could show them how to do:
O, A, L, A, E
O, E
O, L, E
O, M, L, M, E
O, M, L, A, E
N, O, T, (S)L, A, (S)E

T=combo trait

The dojo already does this kind of thing to an extent, but not necessarily to the amount of detail that I think it should. It just kind of says 1 thing and then says do it. It also misses out on a LOT of things that other resources, such as Infil’s guide, covers. Considering that it’s the go-to in-game tool to learn how to play the game, that to me at least, seems wrong. If this game is going to be all about accessibility, then it needs to put EVERYTHING on the table so its players can learn it.

I do think each character could use a mini tutorial to at the very least go over their unique abilities and what they do/how to use them, examples could be what certain character’s instincts do, what do Spinal’s skulls do and how does having them change certain move properties, Riptor’s other stance, Fulgore’s unique bar etc.

But the advanced combo has 2 manuals in there. :flushed:

Though I see where you’re coming from. Doing a specific combo isn’t necessarily helpful, but following the right path would be a much better way to go.
And I do agree that there should be more stuff in the dojo, but this would be a good bandaid in the mean time.

Hmm, I was certain it said auto-double… So much so, I would think you edited your post, but I see no sign of such activity… Hmm… Could I truly have been mistaken? I find that hard to believe… :relieved:

You are mistaken sir. I did no such editing. It said manual when I wrote up this post an hour ago, it says manual now. The whole reason I labeled it as advanced was because it went opener>linker and included no auto doubles. I may be a mediocre scrub lord but I tend to remember what I wrote and why. :no_mouth:

I think it would be good overall just to have some dojo tutorials for every character in general; some characters can manual into moves you wouldn’t even expect and some can’t, not to mention some characters move at different speeds with different animations, it would be a good idea to throw some in the dojo for every character rather than just jago.