Power Stone 3 Or Reboot

Now as you may have herd Capcom is planning to utilize their IP’s that were very unpopular but very good/fun to play and the Power Stone series was one of them and it would be a good time for Capcom to bring it back (Along with Rival Schools/ Project Justice) Do you think that Capcom should make either a Sequel or a Reboot with new characters and of course the old characters.

I think it should be a reboot since so much time has passed since the first 2 came out, sorta like how KI got rebooted. FYI there’s a game that’s similar to Power Stone called ‘Last Fight’ if anyone wants to check it out (doesn’t really appeal to me for some reason tho)

I haven’t played Power Stone in a while so I can’t remember if anything needs to be altered gameplay wise but as long as there’s 4 player free for all, 2v2, 1v1, that item fusing aspect like in Power Stone 2 and a co-op story mode, I’ll be pretty happy.

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I would prefer a sequel but hey reboot would cool along with a Dino Crisis Reboot.