Post Your Favorite Modern Glacius Customizations!

Hey all! Who remembers this post from the old forums? I figured it would be fun to revive it in order to breathe some life into the creative side of the Killer Instinct fandom, as well as to show appreciation for my favorite character in the series as well and all the people who main him!

To those who don’t remember this, it was basically a way for you to get personalized art of your customized Glacius. How does it work? Simple!


  1. use the Xbox One’s screenshot feature to take a picture of your favorite customization of Glacius.
  2. Download it to your computer (via OneDrive or Twiter or however it is you like to do it).
  3. Post it here in the topic (you can also include your Gamertag if you want that to be incorporated).
  4. Respond to this topic with the color and name of accessories that you use.

When your picture is done, I will post it here in the topic and tag you so that you can see it! I will do these for free, however, if you want to show your appreciation you can tip me for the art and I will grant you certain perks, such as priority in the queue and high-resolution versions of your file via email!

Please keep in mind that I will not be working on these 24/7. Occasionally I will need to step away to tackle frelance or other professional endeavors. Therefore, I am now including a Requests status at the end of this post! If it reads OPEN, it means all systems are go and I am working my way through the requests. If it says CLOSED, you are still free to post your customizations, but it might be awhile before I get back to you as I am not actively working through the requests.

So, without further ado… show me your ice aliens!



  1. gr1mgr1n84 - Color 7, Alien Armor accessories
  2. GalacticGeek - Retro Color 6, Diamond hands
  3. SonicDolphin117 - Color 7, golden Prehistoric accessories, standing pose
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Ahh glad to see you back Anodyne. Can I ask for request to the one you made me? Was wondering if you can remove the “C88” part and possibly mirror it too? I was looking at putting it as my stick art and the way it’s facing, I would have to place it in the buttons section to have him facing the center. By having him in the buttons section, the majority of this amazing artwork gets cut out from the 8 button holes. Would like to have him on the left where the joystick goes, that way I can really show him off on the stick.

Also the removal of the “C88” is just so it can say TexAce. I might have a sponsorship and will leave the C88 clan but still want to use this artwork in every possible way without worrying about what my GT might say. I’m keeping “TexAce” in all my future GTs though so I can continue to represent the custom Glacius you made for me.

Hello TexAce! Thank you for the warm welcome! I can certainly remove the “C88” from the Gamertag, and by mirror the image you mean flip it horizontally so that the design is facing the right, yes? If so, both of those changes should be very easy, and I should be able to have the update image to you in a few days. :>b

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Yes sir. Thank you very much once again.

Can you make one with Color 7 with his Alien Amor? XBL is Gr1mgr1n84. Thanks a bunch!

Oh, snap! I need to make an art request of my own, since Glacius is 1 of my mains!

Um, I’ll take retro colo 6 with diamond hands, please and thank you! :blush:

Thank you so much for this service!

I would like the same accessories and accessory colors as TXHotDog’s, but I want Color 7. Thanks in advance!

Also if you could make it like ChaoticP’s and TexAce’s, like where Glacius is standing up in his pose, preferably facing right, that’d be great!

If the Alien armor shoulders weren’t so jacked up, they’d be my go-to customization.

This is one of the best things the KI community has done! Thank you for what you do and cant wait to see the finished requests!

Hey @C88TexAce ! Here are the changes you requested. Let me know if you are satisfied or if there is anything else I can do for you!

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@gr1mgr1n84 Thank you man, that is very kind of you! ;w; I hope to be able to get back into doing these very soon!!

@xCrimsonLegendx I actually don’t mind the shoulder pads of the armor set, it’s the head that I think looks odd. A little too bulbous and disproportionate for my tastes!

Well the reason the shoulders bug me is because they remove all of the spikes on his torso, most notably the ones on the back. When they’re removed it leaves two HUGE concave holes that well, let you see the skeleton underneath. x__x

I use the white horn accessories on head and back with color 9. Love your work and dont mind waiting to get this done :smiley: keep up the good work sir.

TGZ Boss Wulf

Thank you very much once again @AnodyneGeno

This is perfect. I def will let you know in the future about some commissioned artwork as well. Thanks once again.

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Let me know whenever you get started on mine! :smile:

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Hey quick question–I’m getting to work on yours, but first I need to know if you want him to have the helmet on, or just the shoulder pauldrons?

With helmet cause it completes the outfit. Thank you again this is so cool what you are doing!

How’s this process coming along? Are you planning to get all the requests done?

Coming along slowly as I am actually involved in some KI-related freelance atm (exciting!!), but, YES! All of them will get done in time. I am sorry for the wait, and I appreciate the interest! <:] Should have updates soon.