Post a video/image of your reaction when * Fill in the Blank* scenario happens to you in Killer Instinct

This is gonna be a fun thread…Probably should be in off topic but…ANYWAY!


Post a video/image of your reaction when * Fill in the Blank* scenario happens to you in killer instinct

Examples would be:

A long combo…until someone breaks it…
Someone triple ultras you
and so on

Ready? Here we go

1- Rage quit

2- Laggy match

3: Consecutive Combo Breaks

4.: Fighting Kan-ra

5: Fighting Riptor (Or me)

6: When the next season 3 trailer comes out

More to come :smiley:


1- Rage Quit

2- Counter Breaker

3- Lost conncetion

4- My reaction when they reveal Vampire join KI season 3

5- There no Ultimate for all characters

6- Fighting Mirror


1- A Rage Quit (clealry I prefer to have my opponents finish the match.

2- See’s a combo I can break;

3- When I defeat my brother in a Riptor vs Riptor Mirror match;

4- When I do a slip up that costs me the match;

5- Dominating in the match

6- When I lock my opponent out as Riptor and I go in for the kill


When My opponent quits

When I loose to Jeffron27

When defeat my defeat Jeffron27 in a Riptor match and triple ultra
Skip to 0:18

When I’m winning the fight as Riptor and tormenting the heck out of my enemy

When I’m about win as Riptor

When I get locked out while getting combed


I feel as if we Just lagged the whole thread with too many videos…

It was worth it though :smile: Thanks guys!

Here are some more…

When I counter break but drop the combo

When I fight the same player a second time in ranked

When I get a perfect victory

Kan-ra sand traps

Me (raiden) fighting someone who was part of the top 32 killers

Whenever @TheNinjaOstrich Posts a gif

Sadira/Kan-ra/Aganos/Hisako/Aria creation

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I aim to please

You have made me laugh at that. lol.

Am I really known as the Gif Guy on the Forums? I don’t see it…


Well there are a bunch of gif guys on here that i could name off the top of my head… Maybe there is some kind of Gif Cult on this forum…And you’re the leader…Idk… I have too much time on my hands :3

Whenever a Riptor actually uses tech instead of just doing rake into tail flip:


When you fight my brother and I expect to say this alot >:D

Told you man. :yum: called it

Here we go again! I can’t stop myself lol…

When thinking about fighting with aganos against shago

When Kim wu’s trailer comes out

If tusk doesn’t get in season 3

When eyedol comes out

When gargos’s preview comes out and is deemed OP in the stream

When playing a braindead riptor

When Playing Kan-ra, this is the opponent

Winning my Gold Rank qualifier against an unsportsmanlike higher ranked player


When I win.

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Got a new fill in the blank.
When I make a come back and beat Jeffron27 and he gets upset