Possibly The Saddest Thing You'll See In KI

Anyone ever notice Maya’s facial expression when she gets turned to stone? I hadn’t. Would almost hurt to watch if it was anyone other than the dagger chucking amazon. :sob:
You can almost see the exact moment her lungs stop working. Good job IG. LOL

Watch full screen in HD

Followed by my favorite thing to do! (when it works)


You can shadow counter Riptor’s running flame!? I thought that hit 3x very quickly! You have no idea how much that move drives my crazy when it’s used to remove my Aganos’ chunks! :frowning:

Yeah the run into 3 hits is so fast that if you just react to the run, the counter should be timed perfectly. Of course if she does the grab or “drunken dino-flop” you’re screwed.

Actually the third hit doesn’t come out if you counter the second hit so it’s impossible to actually mistime it.

As for your Maya problem, Cry me a river.

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This is what made @CrazyLCD into the infamous troller that he is today