Possible season 4 ideas or season 3

ive been thinking up on cool characters to add to ki ive notice that there isn’t a true zoning character aria the closest we got ( i guess gargos too ) and i think that a scythe or orb (think viola from scv) would be nice

Isn’t Kilgore mainly a zoner and to a lesser extent Kan-ra and not so much anymore but still worth mentioning glacius as well?

As well as fulgore and Shago who both have strong zoning options and eyedols mage half.

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Kilgore is probably the best example of a dedicated zoner in the game. I mean, a good chunk of his normals are actually full screen instant projectiles (plus a lot of his specials are either projectiles or long ranged)

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Glacius isn’t a zoner??? coulda fooled me!

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i sorry im new i only have few characters

No problem, man! KI’s got a bunch of archetypes, and if you’re looking for a zoner, Glacius, Kan Ra, Kilgore, Gargos and Eyedol’s mage form are all pretty awesome. Glacius and Gargos in particular have long distance combos which are pretty fun to land in this game.

A few character types I’d like to see in a potential season 4:

-Grappler with multipart throw combos like King in Tekken. Perhaps for KI, the character could be an MMA type character that can take the opponent to the ground with a judo throw, then use strikes for autos and joint locks or throws for linkers and enders? That could be pretty awesome.

-Puppeteer. I’ve always enjoyed these characters. I’ll bet IG could do some really crazy stuff with this kind of a character.

-Transforming character. I think it’d be cool if they had a Ultratech Executive that had a suit and glasses, all Matrix Agent-like, but he could transform in to some sort of monster because he’d been experimented on by ARIA.

-Old sage that can utilize multiple stances that each come with a unique command attack and special move and he can switch stances any time, including during combos.

Lets start out with what KI does have, so we can figure out what it doesn’t have.

shoto hybrids (rushdown, zoner, ect)
Areal Rushdown
Rushdown high/low
Rushdown left/right
projectile rushdown
trap grappler
rushdown grappler
Footsie based
glass cannon
stance switcher
tank/heavy hitter
counter based
hit and run

Those are all the ones I could think of. If I missed one, be a good neighbor and help me out would ya :stuck_out_tongue:


Also I see that you are new to the forums. Let me be the first to say Welcome! We are very happy to have a new member. If you have any questions about anything relating to KI, don’t hesitate to ask. Most of the forum members are happy to help. :yum:

rush zone hybrid

Which is Fulgore I imagine?

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We’ve already got a few. Fulgore and Kilgore alternate depending on meter/overheat, and Eyedol switches between Zoner and Rushdown at random.

Sadira’s air projectiles and double jump can also be used for keep away despite her rushdown focus.

ARIA can switch between footsies, zoning and rushdown. if booster drone is still alive at any point during the match, ARIA can play both zoning and any other style simultaneously.