Possible new KI World Cup tour 2020/2021 announcement

Brandon Alexander, owner of Ultra Arcade and Tournament organizer of the last two KI World Cups tweeted that he is extremely proud of the KI community for all the effort helping the new players coming in and making this KI Resurgence a success bringing back KI back to EVO.


He announced that in the next 2-3 weeks he and his team will be announcing news regarding a new KI World Cup tour. No further details were given but personally I am hoping for mutliple Online tournaments in different regions of the world as qualifiers for a Top 32 final tournament.

In the old format leading of to the KI World Cup Top 32 showdown several Kombo Klash tournaments were held as qualifiers were players could earn points for the KIWC leaderboard. This was a mix of offline and online tournaments in all parts of the world (USA, Japan, EU).

Time will tell how this time around KI World Cup will be. Stay tuned for more details and share what your thoughts are on KIWC coming back and what you want to see…