Pop figures of killer instinct?

I found these over watch pop figures online.
Would you guys buy killer instinct figures by pop brand?

I guess it’s basically chibi versions of the characters but I like the idea of at least t shirts of keychain S


Some people already have done, I know Rebelo has a TJ one

Where! Is it custom made

Ah, apparently yes, was about to edit my post.

Yes it is a Marvel (Samual L Jacksons character) painted up as TJ combo. Its a girl from another country I believe that does them…she did a Maya one as well from another figure.

Chibi KI characters? Totally! Gargos would be adorable :smile:

You mean these customs? These are pretty rad. They look good enough to be official!


That TJ one is adorable.

Thats the ones! Awesome!

Oh man, Madam has a major affinity for Pop dolls. They do make nice bookshelf ornaments.

If MS/IG are approached or approach Pop for licensing, we might need a new small bookshelf, because I can see a half-dozen of those plastic chibis incoming.

Translucent Omen though. That’d be the best.

OMG Maya looks good!

i want an orchid & Kim Wu!

I’d like to see how they pull off Riptor or Aganos. :slight_smile:

Adorably, considering they have a few non-standard body/head models already. The Attack on Titan Titans are way bigger than their average, their Marvel The Thing is all lumpy like Aganos. A raptor and a golem are probably not all that difficult - it’d be validating a production line based on sales projections that would most stand in the way of them. If they actually were to develop a KI line, they would probably stick to staple or “most popular” characters (Jago/Shago, Orchid, TJ, Sabrewulf, etc.) - but as a company, they do seem to enjoy pushing their own envelope in terms of design and production here and there, and KI has a great cast to do that with.

But, back to the point at hand, Aggy and Riptor wouldn’t be remotely difficult or out-of-tune for them, considering they have similar products already on the market.

EDIT: I really want a POP! Aganos now.