Poll: Who is your main character?

Sure. I’ll revote. * clicks Cinder again *


Haha! Apparently, you can revote! Hmm, still getting used to these forums, I guess.:sweat:

I never would’ve guessed Glacius as the top mained character, now I have to pick someone new to retain my hipster status.



That’s only for this forum community, though, not the entire KI community at large - it’s a small snippet of what people like, but by no means accurate, for that reason. I can certainly tell you that running into a Glacius player (and a good 1 at that) is incredibly rare for me online.

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Revive. Can the new characters be added?


I will edit later!

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Welp, I started with Hisako as a main and was searching for a secondary… Then somehow I ended up with Aganos as my main and Jago as my secondary/co-main.

My reasons are as follows:

Aganos is slow, methodical and interesting. His ability to pressure and bully along with stupid damage in certain situations and neat setups with his walls, along with the combo of offense and defense he has from his chunks, all make for a character I have to really think to use. The slower pace at which he moves makes playing him more fun for me.

See, I love Wulf and Riptor… Both are a BLAST to play but when I play them I end up feeling like I’m button mashing. The raw speed involved with keeping up the offensive barrage they excell at, for a brand new player like me, kinda devolves into pure mashing and me throwing out random ■■■■ without much of a purpose and plan. Now, as I adjust to the game, I expect this will change and Ill get very used to working and playing and thinking at the accelerated pace KI requires. For now though, Aganos slows things down and I like the methodical pace he sets… As an example:

I’ve played a total of four online matches (about 8 online matches PERIOD, I’m brand new) with Aganos. All against one guy. Three vs his Riptor, one vs his Kan Ra. His Kan was lv50. His Rip 34 or something to that effect. I lost all three matches to Rip though I feel like I was keeping up way better than expected. No shutouts, kept it close. He goes Kan on match 4 and I see lv50 and say ‘welp, im toast. This is his main’. So, match starts and I just go ham. I kept j.fping, then on landing ID flick or St.lk, then jump, and repeat. After two cycles of this I started mixing up the number of flicks on landing, then instead of the jump ID throw. Then chunk and repeat, then I started empty jumping throw, or flick confirm in to a little quick xombo (I’m not good at wringing damage out yet and this guy seemed decent at breaking me when I tried longer shiznit on his Rip). I just kept this up, and was able to really plan ahead and think two or three steps down the line and assess my options. I’d jump, or land a throw or whatever and think to myself ‘ok now I’m gonna do this, then he will do that likely so I’ll do this,’ etc etc and I mowed him down. I have NO IDEA what all Kan Ra can do so I got tagged a few times by mechanics I didn’t understand but all in all, Aganos let me slow things down and outplay him. I liked that a lot and it felt good to ring out a win, even if it was only 1 in 4, vs a much more experienced player on a level 50 character vs my 4th time ever used Aganos.

I cheesed the win, but Ag slowed things down enough to let me do that.

I main Aganos - if you want to learn some simple and awesome tips for using him, along with some tech, invite me to a set in exhibition some time, and we’ll treat it like an online training mode. :wink:

Will do, I’ve obviously worked out the issues I had the last time we tried to make it work. Well, I don’t know if anything I did helped or the folks at KI just fixed/changed something internally, but either way, I can play online now, lol.

I main Sadira now. Yup Sadira.


I started with F2P Sabrewulf, then F2P Jago, then I bought Supreme Edition and maining mah boi PS2 face aka Tusk retro skin.




I main ALL of the current KI characters in my case :smile:

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I’m currently enjoying Maya and slowly starting to wrap my head around the interesting creature that is Aganos, he’s pretty low level so I’m not sure if you call him a main. I started out as Hisako, then moved to Orchid who was the only character I knew how to use in KI1, with my limited exposure to that game.

Having more options and picks of who to play makes everything more fun and scratching the surface of each to see what a fascinating job DH/IG have done of making them stand out from each other is really entertaining and rewarding.

The spectacle of fights in this game and the awesome things everyone can do just pushes my buttons in the right way and just feels great compared to say, Street Fighter, for example, but now I’m rambling, everyone I’ve sank a bit of time into is fun that’s all! <3

I main Cinder, Riptor and Fulgore

Main Sadira/Spinal and have Aria/Aganos/Tusk as back ups.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, now and forever, into eternity. <3
I do like to play as Sadira, Mira and Tusk too though. ^^

The CEO of course. Sadira as the secondary main/sub. Fulgore and riptor subs because UT.