Poll: Who do you want for Character 3 (and beyond)?

So we know for certain that Character 3 will NOT be a guest and that they will also be brand new (aka not a remix). That eliminates a lot of possibilities if we’re going off of the Season 3 survey.

But what if they’re not using that? They didn’t use it for Kilgore or Shin Hisako, so perhaps they’re coming up with their own ideas, or maybe they’re looking in to the lore or perhaps in to stuff that we’ve posted / requested. I’ve scoured multiple sections of the forum and these are the characters that I’ve seen.

So who do YOU want to see? There’s a lot of choices here, 20 in total. Please pick FIVE:

  • Eagle
  • The Tsar
  • Lovecraftian
  • Magical Archer
  • Djinn
  • Wendigo
  • Gorgon / Naga
  • Old Sage / Drunken Master
  • Wrestler (Pro, Amateur or MMA)
  • Gorilla
  • Witch
  • Zombie
  • Wizard / Warlock
  • Puppeteer
  • Succubus
  • Mad Scientist
  • Ninja
  • Wraith
  • Frankenstein’s Monster-like
  • Sea Creature

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I forgot who’s Tsar… Can someone tell me who is Tsar?

He’s in mira’s story, leader of a vampire group or something.

I want lovecraftian


Yeah for me I would be ecstatic about either Lovecraftian OR Tsar, being a devoted fan of the Cthulhu Mythos as well as a hardcore lover of all things Nosferatu. Can’t wait for more info.

-SE1Z3 aka @franciscapra

Witch is missing from trope trend-

I’d love to see a psychic / element bender (earth force/ wind/ telekinesis)

Wendigo, sea creature, or Naga. Either one of these would be added as additional mains.

I am going to be a bummer and assume that this will be the last KI character. That being said, they are going to want it to be really great. To me “Eagle” is the only character that could really end the characters with a bang. Not that some of the others wouldn’t be cool, but Eagle has always been a part of KI, but never has been a real character “unless you count Eagle being Fulgore’s mind”. I think it would be great to see him become a full character.

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I’d like a ninjitsu move set without the ninja aesthetic.

Lovecraft monster is cool

Eagle the mystery of what he’ll be, keeps him interesting

Wrestler I’d like a she hulk style character

Drunk master: I thought this would be an interesting evolution for Sabrewulf, because in KI1/2 wulf kinda came off absurdly happy in match.(howling, flipping, and twirling around like “the hills are alive with the sound of music”)

Wendigo: Looks neat but I have a hard time seeing em being a riptor/wulf & a rash(baaa~) remix

Honestly a familiar would be nice for a Bloody Roar style character.

Nothing really special about eagle. I think brand new char may also point to the fact that the char is new to the KI universe with no past relations

we don’t know yet, Imo that what’s make him special.

Anybody with 3s Alex moveset lmao.

Lovecraftian is not the most voted

Sol Dakuri is not an option

Chimera is not an option

Puppeteer is not tied with Lovecraftian





Roman Reigns

The next character is the keits and his weapon is a nerf gun.


Bad ■■■ looking Sea monster or a sexy ■■■ witch

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Four ■■■ monkey

Light lord or ape/monkey.

Ummm where is Merik’Deem

Sorry guys, I tried not to read too much of the lore when I found out that it was being used in the dossiers. I wanted to get them all and read them all in one sitting.

I hadn’t heard these two names and after scouring parts of the forum for requested ideas, I didn’t see these names. My mistake!

I actually had five other ideas taken from the boards, but left them out because I didn’t want TOO many choices. Twenty is probably too many lol. I originally wanted people to choose nine options (character 3 plus another season’s worth) but didn’t think people would want to pick that many. :frowning: