Poll about the Survey: How good player are you?

Sometimes, when Devs makes a survey about some stuff, there is an interesting question:
From 1 to 10, how good player do you cosider yourself?

This is a very interesting question, since it’s answer can be very different from people with equal skill.

I know this thread is going to be polemic, since people are not always good judging themselves, leading to good players being too much humble and giving themselves a low rating, and not that good players being too proud of their skills and putting a higher note on themselves.
And since I’m a bad person, this poll is PUBLIC. Let’s not berate someone if he puts himself/herself a rating that doesn’t deserve, let’s take it as guide. I mean, I would never put myself over, IDK, @STORM179 , since I know that he is better player than me, so if he puts himself a particular rating, I would aim for something lower for myself.

So, I’m trying to put some… rules.
I’m going to make a classification, many may not agree with this, but well, this is a friendly poll, and could give us an idea about how good player do you consider you are. So from 1 to 10:

1-Just started playing the game, never played a fighting game

2-Just started playing the game, basic fighting game knowledge

3-Bronze. May not be familiar with all the game mechanics, but understands the basics

4-Silver. Understands the basics, familiar with most of the game mechanics

5-Gold. Understands and uses the core mechanics

6-“Upper” Gold or “Low” Killer. A gold player that could(or already has) make it into Killer. As Killer, understands and uses core mechanics, and starts to develop advanced tech.

7-Killer. No pro stars, never been in top 32 past 3 weeks of a ranked reset. Uses advanced tech, may have problems against some characters or has “holes” in his gameplay, but overall a competitive player.

8-Killer. Could have pro stars if he spends time in ranked, or he would have at least one if he tried to get it. Great players with their characters, these are specialists who doesn’t have obvious holes in their gameplay.

9-Killer. Has pro stars if plays ranked. Could make it into some final rounds in majors, but maybe not regularly. Develops tech and tendencies with their characters.

10-The true Killers. Has pro stars if plays ranked. Major tournaments Top 16 player. The best/one of the best of the world with his/her character. Most of us could name some of them effortless

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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I consider myself a “7”. I’m far from being really competitive against the best players, and I have a lot to improve. I’m aiming to improve myself into an “8”, although my lack of proper training slows me: I play mostly for fun, and I don’t work as much as I should to correct my mistakes.

I don’t play ranked a lot, but I would like to get a pro star. The closer I got was top 70, with not many points from top 32, but still not enough, and I have a lot to work in before achieving that.


I guess your scale puts me at a “6”. Personally, out of 10, I’d put me at a “5” most days, and at a “4” the rest of the time.

I only played against you two or three times @Zcythe, but you definetively deserve a 6-7 over a 5-4.

I agree that Zcythe would have no business being as low as a 4 or 5.

I placed myself as a 10 per your scale. Top 16 at CEO and some wins and consistent Top 3’s in the KIPL, and probably one of the best Hisako’s out there. I’ve adapted more Sako tech than I’ve created, but I’ve got more than a few self-taught setups and tricks in there.


I picked 5 because I am not the worst but I have a long way to go.


Agree, when I was making the poll, I mentally placed you with a 9.5-10.
One of the best Hisakos(top 3), excellent player, great use of the game mechanics, deep MU knowledge…

Not much to say here XD

I never played against you @xCrimsonLegendx, we should play someday!

I don’t know. I think there are too many MUs/characters that I am basically free against to rate higher than a five. I realize that some may think I’m pessimistic, but I live with my results, they don’t.

Everyone has a Nemesis XD

Which characters/MUs are hard for you? Maybe I can help ^^

I only put myself at 10 because I believe I’m above 90% of players just based on my experiences playing online. Maybe I’m being a little generous, but whatever.

Where do I start? Lol.

Basically free:

A real struggle:

Wins against any of these characters are usually luck on my part.

I can help you with Aganos and Gargos.

Let’s continue this in the Ggs thread!

I had a hard time choosing between a 7 or 8. I ultimately decided upon the latter, because I meet virtually all but 1 of its requirements. Do you think I should’ve rounded down to the 7 or not?

i picked 8 because i know i can fix the weaknesses in my fighting and actually get a top 32 star, but really i think im likely in the middle between the 2. what holds me back are RL commitments, big project, work, etc


All the following text is just my opinion, and I would like to state it in a kind way.

If I have to be honest Geek, I would put you a 6-7, you have still lot to improve to be a 8.[quote=“Dayv0, post:1, topic:16433”]
8-Killer. Could have pro stars if he spends time in ranked, or he have at least one if he tried to get it. Great players with their characters, these are specialists who doesn’t have obvious holes in their gameplay.

When I put “Could have pro stars if he spends time in ranked”, I mean that if you try it, you could achieve it, without fail. For example, Storm could try to get a star, and would be easy. Not a matter of having time to play a lot, it’s a matter of having good winning rate. You have a… 60-65% win rate? You should have +80% for this.

“Great players with their characters, these are specialists who doesn’t have obvious holes in their gameplay.”: You have obvious holes in your gameplay, although you are trying to improve here. There are few Aganos around, and yours is decent, but I wouldn’t say is “great”.

Again, this is just my opinion for a few fights against you. You are a good player, but you have to improve a bit to be “great”

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That’s me. No pro stars at all. I have some tech but hate the Sabrewulf match up and have a few holes which is the breaker game. I try to avoid it and go for one chance. I am working on it.

I would put you a 8 with my eyes closed.

But since you own me an analysis I will say that you deserve a 2 MUAHAHAHAHA

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4 is a fair assessment, I think.

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No. I’m a 0. I don’t even play KI Kappa

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By your Metric I would put myself at a 9. Seeing as I have developed some tech for my character and play in tournaments to the point of having won a couple, just not consistently placing well though