Pokken was the worst waste of 60 dollars I've spent

Holy hell is this game a disappointment to me. Really choppy online. MASSIVE input delays with moves. And horrible, horrible, horrible, Horrible, combat design choices. I’ve never seen a game with moves that cover 75% of the screen and do 30% damage with a simple input. Like I know it’s a nintendo game but holy hell.

Maybe with some balances changes over time it’ll change but with the frustration I’ve had all night I’m starting to just want to trade it in for splatoon.

Played the demo. Felt awful to play. Not to mention you need to buy a dedicated controller for that one game to play local multiplayer (at half the frame rate mind you). So bad.

Heard Splatoon is pretty decent tho. Been thinking about picking it up for a while, just waiting for a sale.

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Doesn’t that game have Mewtwo and Gengar in it? If so it’s worth every penny lol

“I’ve never seen a game with moves that cover 75% of the screen and do 30% damage with a simple input.”


"Really choppy online."
Are you sure it’s not your opponent’s connection? So far, I’ve had lagless experiences.

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It’s been with every opponent. And it’s not my connection. I’m literally 7 feet away from my router with really really good connection speeds. Pokken is the first game in years I’ve had choppy movements and input delays. Idk if it’s the games netcode or its P2P connection but I tried playing with a friend from NC (Im from NY) and our match was still choppy.

That’s pretty strange to hear. I’d like to say stick with it for a while, there could be some DLC/Updates on the way sometime. For choppy movements, i think the system was built like that since you have the option to direct certain fireballs/attacks. I can say it’s not a $60 title but it’s a fresh breath of air to see something newer to the scene granted liking it is subjective.

Seeing how it’s Nintendo and how they handled Smash 4’s online play, I’d say it’d be P2P connection. That’s just a guess but it’s the only thing that comes to mind considering this is Nintendo’s first real competitive fighting game.

weird, max and rico seemed to love it.

I actually have a thread on Pokken already.

I haven’t played online but I think it’s pretty great. It’s very different than a 2D fighter that’s for sure. But it’s fun for the kids and there’s a lot of depth to the gameplay if you are willing to explore it.